Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I blue myself(?)

I have a back load of outfit posts due to my previous inactivity so I figured I'd just 'shop three thematic outfits together to save me the hassle of posting and you reading.

While red is my favourite colour this day, I will admit that when I was younger and rebelling against all things feminine, blue was the colour of choice for me. It was after all the stereotypical 'boy colour' and in my haste to disassociate myself from all things girly, I rejected the boldness of red. It seems that while I may have grown more receptive to things, some things just remain inherent. I actually wore these three outfits consecutively over three days. Need I say that navy blue is pretty up there in my books?

I love the navy (blue)
(left)Dress: Online, Belt: Mum's, Shoes: Topshop; (middle)Dress: thrifted Sportsgirl, thrifted belt, Topshop shoes; (right)Dress: Vintage, Tanktop: Bonds, Belt: From another dress, Shoes: Wittner

Someday I'll make a post about my favourite most useful buys. That vintage camera bag that I tote around everywhere that you see over there ranks no. 2 on that list. All that space allows me to chuck two cameras, a couple of notebooks, voice recorder and book among other things at all times. The downside to it is at events or packed places, I'm that asshole hitting everyone left, right and center with my gigantic bag as I try to get from Point A to B.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Walking in a (warm) winter wonderland

Since I've left Melbourne, I've been in mourning for the wonders that is Melbourne's Camberwell Sunday Market. Chaz and I (with Snakes and BigAd) used to go every Sunday morning, which is a huge feat for me considering I detest waking early without a life or death reason. We'd spend the day roaming around the stalls, examining the curiosities others have put up for sale, while having highly amusing debates trying to persuade each other why we should totally put down that top/skirt/kitschy phone in the shape of a grand piano (regret, Chaz!). Other times, I'd go alone and just wander around soaking in the disgustingly early sunshine while nibbling on a chocolate croissant. Okay, lies. I don't nibble, I chomp. It's certainly one of my most recommended places to visit while in Melbourne and I miss it rather dearly especially since I've been unable to find an equal venue here in Malaysia.

Last Saturday though I happened to be around Amcorp Mall and figured I'd drop by for their acclaimed weekend flea market, purported to be one of the oldest, if not oldest, flea market in the Klang Valley. Oh my gosh! So much brilliant hidden treasures waiting in this historic flea market! There's a damn good reason it's been around for as long as it has (11 years?) and the friendly folks and great wares on offer are it, I reckon. Suddenly, I've found an equal for Camberwell! I spent my time talking to this gentleman about his collection of vintage typewriters where he told me about really old models I never even thought capable of existing. I also purchased a 1960s vintage suitcase from Mrs Lee who has an amazing collection of vintage bags for sale!

I also thrifted this knitted sweater which reminded me a lot of Liv Tyler's outfit in one of my favourite movies from the 90s, Empire Records. Although technically, come to think of it, it's so much more like the sweater A.J. wore instead.

Winterwear in summerweather
Knitted sweater: Thrifted, Top: F.O.S, Skirt: Dangerfield, Necklace: eBay

And yes, knitwear in tropical climate? Thank goodness for freezing air-conditioned offices that help justify the thicker material! There are so many things I miss about Melbourne. I'm just glad that there's one less thing to miss about that beautiful city.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Menswear Take 124951789.

I've always had a soft spot for menswear-inspired clothing, as witnessed here, here, here, here and here. I think if my figure had remained boy-ish, my wardrobe would have been completely different, less dresses and flared skirts, and more vests, tailored shorts, and slouchy tees. But puberty had to come, and force me into a pear shape. =( Damn you mother nature!!

Anyways. Despite wearing a white tee, I felt compelled to cover it up with as many pieces of black clothing as I possibly could. I'm sorry, I've tried, but I just can't do it. It's just so... white.

AA white v-neck tee, Alice in the Eve vest, Satch blazer (thrifted), UO shorts, black tights, thrifted brogues, Burberry fedora

PS. I have no idea why I'm pouting like that in my pictures. Let's just pretend that I'm not doing it...