Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leggings vs Tights

Right off the bat, I have to admit that while I was in Australia, I was vehemently against leggings. I was preaching real hard on Camp Tights and agreed with the common consensus regarding those oft-mistaken excuses for pants. I was a one-man lynch mob (well, together with Chaz I suppose we make a pair) hurling out "tsk tsk"s and disappointed head shakes to the unaware. But things change and now I find myself in a really hot, humid country which doesn't take too kindly to nylon.

And thus, my word I have to eat:

Noob ballerina
Dress: Dangerfield, Tank top: Bonds, Leggings: Cotton On (damn sale!) Shoes: Steve Madden

It started when a weekend trip to Singapore and a quick pop-by to Cotton On yielded leggings on sale. Self-control I have for many things, but a good bargain isn't one of them. It actually took me almost two weeks before I even considered incorporating them into my wardrobe. And you know what? The cotton material, which is a God-sent in sweltering heat, beats the harsher fabric of denim. I still tread very carefully where leggings are concerned (I compulsively checked to see my dress was not riding up the whole darn day!) but am a little more receptive to the phenomenon, that I am. I have failed you and the manifesto, Chaz! But I promise, my leggings will never be mere pants.

Anyways, I felt so darn guilty about the whole thing, I indulged in tights the next day.

image whatever
Top: Thrifted/Benetton, Tank top: Bonds, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Online, Shoes: Some shop in Malaysia

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

At the end of the day you just can't go past good ol' tights.

And look, new bag (which is the closest I'll ever come to a Chanel in the next ten years at least)!


eighteeneleven said...

Ooooo... Pretty tights and bag.

And don't worry, as much as I dislike leggings, as long as they are not worn as pants, I suppose we shall not dispose of you from the anti-leggings club. But I've discovered something way waaaaaaaay worse, people who wear TIGHTS AS PANTS! And not even opaque ones, just normal tights where you can see their underwear. *shudder*

-k said...

I know! Well, I've never seen witnessed the tights as pants horror first hand but the second hand embarrassment from pics online sure are mighty cringe worthy!

catherine_sr. said...

Both outfits are fantastic! I'm with you on leggings. At first I was like, "oh no, the scourge of my early youth has returned, ugh!" Then I bought a pair and they were so very comfortable that I forgot my earlier misgivings. I can't wait 'til fall returns and I can wear them again with my short dresses (it's so hot in Taipei right now it's all bare legs for me).

Amelia said...

Those tights look gorgeous :)

Leggings/tights as pants is godawful :( I've seen a lot of it here!