Saturday, August 8, 2009

Challenge Outfit III: Alternate Looks.

Today's original outfit was inspired by this editorial.

I've always had a secret love affair for drappy, slightly baggy feminine masculine looks (I'm clearly well-versed in fashion related terms), which, in my opinion, is ridiculously chic when carried off by the right person. However, as I've neither the figure, height nor (importantly) clothing to pull it off, rummaging through my cupboard resulted in this.

Thrifted cream top; Mink Pink grey cardi; Country Road striped cardi (my mom's); thrifted scarf; thrifted shorts; Dr Marten boots

Similar to my aversion to jeans, I dislike wearing long shorts. Basically I feel that any sort of pants longer than mid thigh looks strange on me. Don't ask me to explain my neuroses. All I know is that I have a heap of them and am frequently told that they are irrational (although I'm not entirely convinced). Consequently, these thoughts were what caused me to make a last minute outfit alteration.

Funny how changing into shorts, tights and flats can change the look of the entire outfit. I also tried wearing a hat as per my previous post, but soon realized that my bun prevented them from sitting properly on my head. Oh well.


-k said...

When I first saw that V.F. editorial, I was like "Wow. What's Cate Blanchett doing with Jon Hamm?" especially in that picture.

You are clearly delusional. And gosh.. you have no idea how long I've been looking for the perfect fedora. :(

eighteeneleven said...

The hat was courtesy of my mom, but I've seen a fair few on Etsy. I mean, you can't try them on, but they do look nice. Haha.

-k said...

The problem is my abnormally fat head. F21 had a ton of decent priced, nice ones, but alas! None would fit.


Anonymous said...

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