Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now You See Her, Now You Dont.

So, I think we've established by now that I am the queen of disappearing. But yeah, I think I've been very much lacking inspiration for what I wear, as well as the patience in taking my own pictures. I often wished that my apartment had a backyard or balcony that I could stand on, one preferably with heaps and heaps of natural lighting. These florescent lights are doing nothing for me. Haha. One day though, one day I shall move into a nice place, flooded with light, and set up a little photography corner. And since I'm daydreaming, it'll also have a nice big walk-in wardrobe. In fact, screw that, I'll just convert one of the spare rooms into a wardrobe, with a wall just for my bags and shoes. Ooo... a huge kitchen would be nice as well, one with heaps of counter space... And maybe an additional oven... with a nice big shelf for all my cookbooks...

So, on that note, what do you do to stay inspired? Both in what you wear, and how you take your pictures?

Marnie Skilling top, thrifted shorts, black AA leggings, Nine West boots, thrifted black scarf

Thrifted floral dress (worn as skirt), Gap black cardi, hand-me-down patent black belt, black tights, Payless patent black flats.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"It's business time," sings Flight of the Conchords

I haven't been online a lot especially since the start of my new job a week and a half ago. I was in the teaching line before but some random insanely great opportunity came my way and with sheer utter luck I now find myself working in media, the field in which I've nurtured a burning passion for since I was about yay high (gestures to hip level). This company is in new media - rather fitting since I've always been rather obsessed with its latent potential and chose a lot of new media related subjects back in school. One of my best paper at uni, the few that I'm truly proud of, talked about the convergence of new media with politics. More specifically it talked about how in time which ever political party had the upper hand in harnessing the powers of new media, be it through familiarity or information flow, will come out on top in elections. I wrote this paper in 2006. In 2008, Barack Obama and the democratic party in America clinched victory, and I daresay a big part of it had to do with their better handling of new media.

Anyway, I got off track. As it stands, I am not in politics currently, nor will I ever be in the unforseeable future. Instead you can find me at tonguechic[dot]com. It's a strange thing, this 'getting where I want to be' personal achievement. I find that I am not quite ready to introduce myself as a journalist or a writer simply because I do not think that my skills are quite worthy yet. In my mind, journalism is old school - think Dorothy Parker and the Knights of the Algonquin Round Table. It's rather ironic how my self-judgment is so entrenched in the old, when my beliefs are tilted towards the modern.

Long story cut short, my new work place is rather relaxed about clothing. Something which finally motivated me to put on the other 95% of my wardrobe that were previously not practical, especially with young'uns in the mix.

So this is me today:
Srz bsnz
Blazer: Sisley, Badge: online, Tshirt: Topman, Shorts: Valleygirl, Tights: Safeway, Melbourne, Shoes Docs via eBay

(Well not today since my outfit shots are all not in order anymore.)

If it isn't evident, I've decided to retires jeans for an undecided time being. I need a reprieve from all that length, me thinks.

Tomorrow I will be covering the MTV World Stage Live concert in Malaysia. At a loss to what to wear, I've googled some Lollapalooza 2009 style shots that you can also see here and here. My biggest issue is shoes. I haven't worn open-toed shoes/slippers in a really long time and I'm fairly certain that I have forgotten how to style it together with the rest of my wardrobe. Should I want to, I don't own any either. So what will go on my feet then?!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Challenge Outfit IV

This weekend, the Hello Sailor vintage fair was once again held in the city. I've always wanted to go, but since it only seemed to be advertised via word of mouth or through facebook (which I don't use that often), I never knew when it was. But this time, we managed to catch whispers of it just in time, and one of my most exciting buys was a tailcoat jacket. FINALLY, after so many months of searching for a decently priced one, I've found it. The only problem is that since it's a men's jacket, I'll have to get the shoulder's taken in a bit, or risk looking like a linebacker.

Anyways, this was what I wore.

Luella for target striped jacket (thrifted); Lover initiation bodysuit; Wayne Cooper skirt; black tights, thrifted brogues

My first time wearing both the jacket and the bodysuit. I'm still unsure how I feel about the jacket. I mean, I love the colour and stripes, it's all very candyman-ish. but it's just a tad on the big side for me, so from some angles, it looks sort of awkward.

It's also the first time I think I'm posting so many pictures for just one outfit, so let me know if you want fewer next time.

All in all, it was a good event. We were supposed to have gone on Sunday as well, but I had to pass due to me feeling sick. Spent the day alternatively napping and watching Torchwood instead, and even though I slept for 12h last night, I still feel kind of blah. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Challenge Outfit III: Alternate Looks.

Today's original outfit was inspired by this editorial.

I've always had a secret love affair for drappy, slightly baggy feminine masculine looks (I'm clearly well-versed in fashion related terms), which, in my opinion, is ridiculously chic when carried off by the right person. However, as I've neither the figure, height nor (importantly) clothing to pull it off, rummaging through my cupboard resulted in this.

Thrifted cream top; Mink Pink grey cardi; Country Road striped cardi (my mom's); thrifted scarf; thrifted shorts; Dr Marten boots

Similar to my aversion to jeans, I dislike wearing long shorts. Basically I feel that any sort of pants longer than mid thigh looks strange on me. Don't ask me to explain my neuroses. All I know is that I have a heap of them and am frequently told that they are irrational (although I'm not entirely convinced). Consequently, these thoughts were what caused me to make a last minute outfit alteration.

Funny how changing into shorts, tights and flats can change the look of the entire outfit. I also tried wearing a hat as per my previous post, but soon realized that my bun prevented them from sitting properly on my head. Oh well.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Challenge Outfit II

For today's outfit, I wore my new (vintage) hat and a shirt I got nearly 4 years back.

In my opinion, one of the quickest way to spruce up an outfit is to simply chuck on a hat. There's just something so chic about them. In an ideal world, I'll look good in every single hat design and be able to have a different one to wear every other day. However, due to the windy conditions here, it's hardly practical to do so. Case in point: I gave up wearing this one a few minutes after leaving my apartment as it kept threatening to fly off my head. I've heard that bobby pins help, but I've never been able to make them work for me. I guess this is just one relationship that isn't meant to be.

Dizingof black top; thrifted polka dot shorts; vintage pillbox hat (etsy); black tights; Doctor Marten boots

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


For the past few weeks, my lack of sartorial inspiration has lead me to wear variations of the same outfits over and over again. So, to spice things up a bit as well as to make use of the other 80% of my clothes, this week I will try to wear at least one piece that I have hardly / never worn.

First up: Jeans and Whites

I know it's probably mostly in my head, but I always feel sort of silly and weird when I wear jeans. I don't know why, but I always end up feeling mildly awkward in them. For me, it just feels more natural to grab a pair of tights and skirts/shorts then to reach for my jeans. Same with the colour white. I always feel 'off' wearing them, and even when I do, I have this urge to cover it up, as you can see. Even though I think that the jeans and white tee combination looks really great on others, a kind of fresh, classic, causal summer look, I just don't like how it looks on me.

Cassette Society white shirt (thrifted); Country Road cardi (my mom's); Ink jacket; Zara jeans; blue ring (made by my mom); Payless patent black flats

Leggings vs Tights

Right off the bat, I have to admit that while I was in Australia, I was vehemently against leggings. I was preaching real hard on Camp Tights and agreed with the common consensus regarding those oft-mistaken excuses for pants. I was a one-man lynch mob (well, together with Chaz I suppose we make a pair) hurling out "tsk tsk"s and disappointed head shakes to the unaware. But things change and now I find myself in a really hot, humid country which doesn't take too kindly to nylon.

And thus, my word I have to eat:

Noob ballerina
Dress: Dangerfield, Tank top: Bonds, Leggings: Cotton On (damn sale!) Shoes: Steve Madden

It started when a weekend trip to Singapore and a quick pop-by to Cotton On yielded leggings on sale. Self-control I have for many things, but a good bargain isn't one of them. It actually took me almost two weeks before I even considered incorporating them into my wardrobe. And you know what? The cotton material, which is a God-sent in sweltering heat, beats the harsher fabric of denim. I still tread very carefully where leggings are concerned (I compulsively checked to see my dress was not riding up the whole darn day!) but am a little more receptive to the phenomenon, that I am. I have failed you and the manifesto, Chaz! But I promise, my leggings will never be mere pants.

Anyways, I felt so darn guilty about the whole thing, I indulged in tights the next day.

image whatever
Top: Thrifted/Benetton, Tank top: Bonds, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: Online, Shoes: Some shop in Malaysia

Bag: Dorothy Perkins

At the end of the day you just can't go past good ol' tights.

And look, new bag (which is the closest I'll ever come to a Chanel in the next ten years at least)!