Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three things

Primary colours
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Melbourne, Cardigan: Topshop, Shoes: Far East Plaza, Singapore

While spring cleaning the contents of my laptop (i.e. making more space for downloads), I re-discovered this outfit picture from yonks ago and it made me realize two things. #1, that I seem to have misplaced that belt (damn), and #2, that I desperately need to get more cardigans. I only have that one black 3/4 sleeve from Topshop representin' the family of casual cover-ups known as cardigans. When you take into consideration the fact that I seem to wear it almost every other day, it might seem like a good choice to include a couple more in the wardrobe so that this poor one may find some rest.

Movie watching outfit
3/4 denim shirt: Mum's, Tank top: Bonds, Dress: Bali, Indonesia, Shoes: Far East Plaza, Singapore

I bought very few things during my holiday at Bali, mostly cause it was just repetition of the same things, the only change being the aggressiveness of the seller. Anyway, this dress bought over there confirms a long-time suspicion of mine. Point number #3 to ruminate about for today: clothes manufactured in Asia discriminates against females who have the boobies. True


Rach said...

Your first outfit reminds me of wonder woman! In a good way of course, shes the fiercest female superhero of them all.

Although I don't wear asian make clothes,I feel your pain, people just assume that if you are asian you are flat as a board.

catherine_sr. said...

The Bali dress is awesome and I love your first outfit, too. I totally hear your shopping in Asia pain. I live in Taipei and clothing manufacturers here seem to think that women are shaped like very skinny cylinders (which is ironic, considering how popular push-up bras with padded inserts are right now).

eighteeneleven said...

Aw, I LOVE that first outfit, Kaz. I wish I was more of a colour-wearing/lovin' person. Also, I agree on point 3, even I sometimes have trouble with the bust area of my clothes and I'm not even particularly gifted in that area. ;P