Friday, July 10, 2009

An Old Flame.

Due to my unwillingness to leave my house unless necessary, I've rekindled my love affair with baking. So far I've made some savory breakfast muffins and chocolate custard tarts, which turned out decently, considering my lack of practice (though not pretty enough to be photographed). Next couple of days, aside from working everyday of the week (save Mondays), I plan to make egg tarts, lemon tarts, cookie dough brownies, my rumtastic cupcakes, a (hopefully successful) new cupcake flavour, and cinnamon sugar butterflies. My workmates are ecstatic.

But don't worry, this still remains a fashion blog, and will likely be the only time I mention baking again. I just thought y'all might be interested in what I've been doing at home. =D

Cassette Society tee (thrifted), Thrifted polka dot shorts, thrifted black cardi, mustard yellow tights, Dr Marten boots


-k said...

Dude, this doesn't have to be fashion-specific! Pictures of your insane kitchen creations would be nice. Well, it'd be rubbing salt on my oozing, bleeding open wound on my stomach, but still.

And those mustard tights are pretty rad. In that lighting, they almost looked like your skin.

catherine_sr. said...

I love your style! The polka dot skirt is amazing with the blouse and those tights.

eighteeneleven said...

@Kaz: Haha. Nah. Was going to start yet another blog. Again. (Maybe).

@Catherine_sr: Aw, thanks! I would really say that they are one of my favourite thrift buys.