Sunday, July 26, 2009


Within the past few days I've grown increasingly obsessed with (the rebooted) Doctor Who series, largely due to the adorable David Tennant. Additionally, I was also trying to utilize the other 90% of my wardrobe that's just sitting there. Add the two together and you get my take on menswear, (largely) influenced by the Tenth Doctor's suits. If I had chuck's I would have thrown them on as well. However, my mom never let me wear Converse's growing up as she said they had no support, so til today I never owned any, even though they always looked so awesome when I see other's wearing them.

Thrifted striped shirt; Alice in the Eve black vest; handmade dog pin; Ink jacket; thrifted black shorts; black tights; Docs

In other news, I cannot begin to say how extremely jealous I am of people who are at SDCC. One day I will be there, basking in it's awesomeness.


in between thoughts said...

hi, new reader here, just wanted to say I love this blog :)

this outfit is super cute, you could be the Doctor's next companion, hehe.

it's too bad you don't own a pair of Chucks - they're really awesome (especially the high tops) but you have a formidable collection of Docs so it evens out!

-k said...

Chaz! I adore this! That vest is very, very nice too. New from the sale?

Did you see the kiss between David Tennant and John Barrowman at the Con? So adorable! But, SDCC has gotten so mass commercialized. The Con I read about back in 2000 when I first made it my life mission to go there is so different from the one I read about now. Honestly, I'm not sure if that's a good thing. The Twi-fans.. that's a negative 50 points right there.

eighteeneleven said...

@In between thoughts: I would LOVE to be the Doctor's next companion. Or you know, someone that the Doctor rescues (they won't even have to pay me), so I can just stare at David Tennent.

@Kaz: Only the gif version. You know how my internet is. Yeah, I heard it's so freaking crowded that you just have to constantly push your way through (and you know how I feel about crowds..), and the couple of hours queues to get into panels. I know I'll probably hate it when I'm there, but on the other hand, why do these awesome people never ever come here?

eighteeneleven said...

@Kaz: Also forgot... Nah, vest isn't from a sale, but just one that my mom bought for me while she was here.

yiqin; said...

The dog brooch is way too adorable :)