Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Confession Time.

I'll be honest right now and say that there's unlikely to be an post from me this week as I will be working every freaking day. Woe. But it's not that I don't like working there, I'm just a bum who if given the chance, would just spend all day in bed. Hee. On the plus side, I'll have heaps of money to spend on the Alice Euphemia jewellary sale and Alice McCall sample sale coming up. However, I swear that working there is going to make me so fat. Not only do we have tons and tons of yummy gelato available, but we've started bringing in baked goods for each other as snacks. Good for my taste buds, bad for my health. Note to self: Up the amount of water you drink this week.

But going back to the point, this was my outfit yesterday when my boss took us to a winery and treated us to a nice lunch. I actually brought a lot more layers along due to the weather forecast predicting rain and near freezing temperature. BUT THEY LIED!

ElleryTesla romper, neckwarmer from a store at the Rose Street Artist market (they have some great stuff there, so check it out if you're around the area and support your local artists), Sportgirl stripe armwarmers, earrings made by my mom, red tights, Dr Marten boots.


yiqin; said...

Those tights are hot. You wear them so well :)

-k said...

You should add more close up/detail pics. There's so much intricate layering going on, do it some service woman!