Sunday, July 26, 2009


Within the past few days I've grown increasingly obsessed with (the rebooted) Doctor Who series, largely due to the adorable David Tennant. Additionally, I was also trying to utilize the other 90% of my wardrobe that's just sitting there. Add the two together and you get my take on menswear, (largely) influenced by the Tenth Doctor's suits. If I had chuck's I would have thrown them on as well. However, my mom never let me wear Converse's growing up as she said they had no support, so til today I never owned any, even though they always looked so awesome when I see other's wearing them.

Thrifted striped shirt; Alice in the Eve black vest; handmade dog pin; Ink jacket; thrifted black shorts; black tights; Docs

In other news, I cannot begin to say how extremely jealous I am of people who are at SDCC. One day I will be there, basking in it's awesomeness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ask And You Shall Receive.

As per requested by Kaz, close-ups of outfits are now included. Let me know what you think. One of the reasons why I don't like taking close-ups of my face is that aside from the occasional eyeliner, I don't actually wear any makeup, which means every flaw would be visible and captured by the camera. Thank god for photoshop. Haha. Also, I've never realized how exhausting it was to hold my camera up in order to take my own pictures. 90% of my attempts came out blurry. Any tips for a newbie?

Additionally, on the long list of things I need to work at, which so far includes taking my own close-ups; getting the right white balance in an indoor setting.

AA black tee; Wayne Cooper skirt; blue tights; Dr Marten boots; vintage earrings (from Etsy); ring made by my mom

Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 minutes to True Blood

So as the title goes, I've got 8 minutes left on my download for episode four of True Blood. Well, three now since the download speed just had an unprecedented boost of digital steroids. I'm not one of those avid fangirls who make it a habit to nitpick between book and screen adaptations of a material. As a whole, I appreciate Sookie Stackhouse via Charlaine Harris and Sookie Stackhouse via Alan Ball separately on the medium they are presented in. But I do have to add my two cents on two things:

1) I wished they handled the Sookie/Eric dynamic differently. Right now, True Blood is simplifying their relationship to love/hate. And yes, I'm all for Eric.

2) This Jessica character is the total shiznit! It's hard for me to react so positively to external additions to the storyline, but this girl I adore.

What I've been wearing while not in bed watching things on my laptop:

In the garden #1
In the garden #2
Top: Miss Selfridge, Shorts: Jeans West, Shoes: Keds, Bangles: assorted

The other day
Lucky says, "What's up, (I'm a) dog?"
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Shorts: Jeans West, Shoes: Topshop, Necklace: Haji Lane, Singapore

And a pop up from Vuze telling me my download ready is my cue to leave. Okthxbai!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Confession Time.

I'll be honest right now and say that there's unlikely to be an post from me this week as I will be working every freaking day. Woe. But it's not that I don't like working there, I'm just a bum who if given the chance, would just spend all day in bed. Hee. On the plus side, I'll have heaps of money to spend on the Alice Euphemia jewellary sale and Alice McCall sample sale coming up. However, I swear that working there is going to make me so fat. Not only do we have tons and tons of yummy gelato available, but we've started bringing in baked goods for each other as snacks. Good for my taste buds, bad for my health. Note to self: Up the amount of water you drink this week.

But going back to the point, this was my outfit yesterday when my boss took us to a winery and treated us to a nice lunch. I actually brought a lot more layers along due to the weather forecast predicting rain and near freezing temperature. BUT THEY LIED!

ElleryTesla romper, neckwarmer from a store at the Rose Street Artist market (they have some great stuff there, so check it out if you're around the area and support your local artists), Sportgirl stripe armwarmers, earrings made by my mom, red tights, Dr Marten boots.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three things

Primary colours
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Belt: Thrifted, Skirt: Melbourne, Cardigan: Topshop, Shoes: Far East Plaza, Singapore

While spring cleaning the contents of my laptop (i.e. making more space for downloads), I re-discovered this outfit picture from yonks ago and it made me realize two things. #1, that I seem to have misplaced that belt (damn), and #2, that I desperately need to get more cardigans. I only have that one black 3/4 sleeve from Topshop representin' the family of casual cover-ups known as cardigans. When you take into consideration the fact that I seem to wear it almost every other day, it might seem like a good choice to include a couple more in the wardrobe so that this poor one may find some rest.

Movie watching outfit
3/4 denim shirt: Mum's, Tank top: Bonds, Dress: Bali, Indonesia, Shoes: Far East Plaza, Singapore

I bought very few things during my holiday at Bali, mostly cause it was just repetition of the same things, the only change being the aggressiveness of the seller. Anyway, this dress bought over there confirms a long-time suspicion of mine. Point number #3 to ruminate about for today: clothes manufactured in Asia discriminates against females who have the boobies. True

Friday, July 10, 2009

An Old Flame.

Due to my unwillingness to leave my house unless necessary, I've rekindled my love affair with baking. So far I've made some savory breakfast muffins and chocolate custard tarts, which turned out decently, considering my lack of practice (though not pretty enough to be photographed). Next couple of days, aside from working everyday of the week (save Mondays), I plan to make egg tarts, lemon tarts, cookie dough brownies, my rumtastic cupcakes, a (hopefully successful) new cupcake flavour, and cinnamon sugar butterflies. My workmates are ecstatic.

But don't worry, this still remains a fashion blog, and will likely be the only time I mention baking again. I just thought y'all might be interested in what I've been doing at home. =D

Cassette Society tee (thrifted), Thrifted polka dot shorts, thrifted black cardi, mustard yellow tights, Dr Marten boots

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pants on Fire.

Okay, I know there's only so many times I can apologize for disappearing before it becomes meaningless. But I'm sincerely sorry for vanishing again after I said I would return. The truth is, most of my friends here are still too busy to hang out, and my friends overseas are well, not here. Basically, in situations like this, I tend to just stay at home or wander around town. However, since I'm in a mini shopping ban (until I find some way of getting rid of some of my clothes), I'm refraining from the latter. So, I end up lounging at home, in my comfy pjs, which means no outfits for pictures. Haha.

Anyways. Here was yesterday, when I was forced to go out because I had no more food in the house and library books that were almost overdue. =D

Red Gap hooded top, Sportgirl arm warmers, thrifted skirt, Dr Marten boots, Mom's belt, and thrifted scarf.

So, how do you guys motivate yourself out of the house?