Monday, June 29, 2009

Wakeup, everyone

Saturday shenanigans
Top: Mum's, Belt: Mum's, Skirt: Bugis Junction, Singapore, Shoes: Topshop

Birds are nasty
Heart necklace: from my grandma, Bird necklace: Mimpi Murni

Braids are the only thing I know how to do with my hair

Saturday was Urbanscapes in KL, which to the uninformed and overseas, was a 12 hour collision course of music, arts and fashion. A fiesta of unadulterated music, performances, DIY awesomeness and much more. Now, I am a lady of mad skills, so to speak - I can fit a whole egg into my mouth and drink 6 cans of Diet Coke under an hour amongst other things, but sadly, my attempts at creating anything, whether in the kitchen, on paper or on cloth are measly at best. Which is why when in the presence of such creative talent, I do my best to soak it all in. I listen and observe and take mental snapshots of the things, the people and the vibrancy so that I in turn may be inspired.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Hello dear!!!

Sounds like a fun event, I like the skirt and yours shoes!

Oh, and the necklace layering-at its BEST!

Rach said...

Cute skirt! I like it with the belt at your waist :]

Anonymous said...

so summery! :)
nicce skirt :D


-k said...

Thanks very much!

yiqin; said...

Very well put together outfit!!! :)

samsqtch said...

<3 the hair and agree with Mrs. Zeus about necklace layering!

eighteeneleven said...

Hey I remember that skirt! =D