Friday, June 12, 2009


I seem to be having some pre-exam jitters, and thus unable to sleep. Bad news for me, but good news for you guys cause you get an update!! w00t! I know Kaz and I havent been the best bloggers around (and most of you have probably left by now), but I promise that will change once I get my exams done. =D

Kwani plaid dress worn as a skirt; Gap black cardi; black tights; thrifted brogues; handmade brooch and earrings

Annnnnd... This is basically what I've been wearing for supermarket runs and for going to work. All very exciting, I know.

Hoodie from Fat; thrifted shorts, Dr Marten boots; AA leggings; thrifted bag (Camberwell! =D)

Also, I have no idea where Kaz went to, hopefully she hasnt gotten herself eaten by a shark yet. D=

Oh well, wish me luck tomorrow/today! Haha.


Eleh said...

i went, "OMG, what is that! it's cute!" when I found out that the brooch is handmade, i was even more in love with it! it adds a nice touch to the outfit :D

Mrs.Zeus said...

Am still here! I love you gals and I'll be waiting for that update!
Good luck with the exams!

Bec said...

I love all your outfits, and that cat brooch is so cute and quirky! Good luck with exams, I've got one in about three weeks

eighteeneleven said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet comments you guys. =)

@Bec: Good luck for your exams!!

Bec said...

Thanks :) Luckily I only have one. Did you make your cat brooch or buy it from etsy? I seriously love it I think I need one aaaaaah

eighteeneleven said...

@Bec: Sorry for the late reply. I actually made it myself. And by made it, I mean I attached a pin to the cat. haha.