Monday, April 27, 2009

Typo error; my bad

Unfortunately, as much as I wish I were, I am not in Thailand at the moment. Updating late at night tends to leave me a little bleary-eyed and careless. Sorry for the confusion!

The wardrobe limitations at work tends to leave me wanting for the bits and bobbins that I so love that have to wait for the weekend to see light of day. Shorter hemlines and shoes in particular are two things I have to give up from Monday to Friday. That's why during the weekends, I usually go, "Sod it all," and revel in the other 75% of my closet. This weekend in particular, I've been feeling particularly nostalgic for the '90s. Oh, how I miss the times when Ethan Embry was my dream boat and Empire Records absolutely ruled my world.
The latter still stands but current-day Ethan Embry is slowly destroying whatever infatuation I used to have. Dude's been looking pretty rough.


90's weekend: Saturday
Dress: Thrifted, Tights: Online, Shoes: Docs from eBay, Necklace: Haji Lane, Singapore

I wore this to an event that I covered (hence the wrist tag) and I was the only nit not wearing sky high towering heels. While the fashionistas may have trumped me in style factor, I probably owned the comfort sector. I know these bad boys came in handy at the pushy 'media pit'. I may or may not have stomped on errant feet of people who were all up in my face with their big ass DSLRs with the speedlite flash and extra battery packs. Sometimes I just cannot play nice.


'90s weekend: Sunday
90's weekend: Sunday
Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Docs from eBay, Sunnies: Raybans, Necklace: DIY

Today was a lazy day where my sister, my mum and I hung out at the mall. The both of them were absolutely horrified that I would pay good money (however little) for a dress that had been cut and not hemmed. At the mall they then insisted on taking me to shops and trying on stuff in hopes that I would find something new to buy. Need I mention that they're not big on the idea of recycling clothes from strangers?


eighteeneleven said...

Pretty blue dress. Where did you thrift it from?

Hey now, not everyone w dSLRs are terrible. You should know since you're one of them. Hee.

-k said...

I got it from Camberwell yonks ago. But it was hidden behind a pile of dresses until rediscovered now.

I know they're not terrible. But those with all that extra accessories that gets in all your pictures (stupid flash) sure can be mighty annoying.