Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Holiday Outfits.

Back from three days of travelling in the Peninsula with my mom, which was spent driving about, sightseeing, eating, and taking pictures. More fun would have been had if I had actually been sensible and checked the weather before packing. As it was chilly, and I did not pack a jacket, I had to steal my mom's cardigan, which I'm now considering keeping for myself. Mwahaha.

Thrifted denim playsuit, UNIQLO black top, stripy red and black knee highs, Doc Martens

Black polo, thrifted dotted shorts, Country Road stripe cardi [stolen off my mom], mustard tights, Doc Martens

Thrifted blue dress, secondhand patent belt, Country Road stripe cardi [my mom's], UO stripe tights, Doc Martens


Mrs.Zeus said...

Cute blue dress!

samsqtch said...

Don't care what you say, love the stripes.

-k said...

That blue dress is awesome. You know, I really miss thrifting in Aus. There isn't anything like Camberwell or Brunswick here. :'(

eighteeneleven said...

I was rather, am still rather iffy about the dress. I think I need to get it altered a little around the armhole areas. But with a cardi, it looks fine, so I'm putting it off. Haha.