Monday, April 27, 2009

All American Girl.

As I was undressing yesterday, I realized that by pure chance, I was dressed head to toe in American brands. Huh. In other news, Jason Mraz concert was rad. The only thing that spoilt it (slightly) was him not playing any of his old songs, and the annoying teenybopper who keep trying to stand behind his girlfriend who was half standing in front of me. Grrr.

Also, I found the most gorgeous slightly-above-the-knee-but-not-quite-thigh-high-non-lace-ups-that-fitted-me-perfectly-around-the-calf-area-which-hardly-ever-happens-leather-boots. And you might be asking why didn't I get them. Well, for one thing, they cost $600, and the other, they cost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS!

But I still really want them. So here's the big question. Would it be fiscally irresponsible of me to get $600 boots given the current economic situation? Although I have been buying things here and there, I haven't paid full price for anything (aside from food and rent) in a long while now. My mom reckons it's too expensive, since they aren't even branded, and not worth the price, but I think they are truly beautiful, although I'm not too sure what I'll wear them with. And the leather is soft and nice, which I would be very worried about creasing and scratching, although it would be almost inevitable.

So dear readers, what should I do?

If I do get them, they'll be the fifth (?) most expensive thing that I own, and definitely THE most expensive shoes I would have ever gotten (EVER), which is why my mom thinks that for $600, I should try getting a pair of Loubs or Blaniks instead.

By Corpus dress [from Urban Outfitters], Gap stripy scarf, AA leggings, Nine West booties.

PS> Please ignore the weird positioning of my left hand. I think (hope) I was in the process of moving it.



Rach said...

Well they are a lot for something not designer, but if they fit you that well it might as well be designer.

I know what you mean about the economic situation. But I wanted this jacket that was $400 so I waited for the price to go down. I ended up waiting too long and it was gone. I was really really distraught.

So perhaps if you think you would seriously regret it if they were gone, you should get them.

Adeline said...

If you read the Herald Sun on Saturday, there was a piece on "shopping during these economical times". One of the advice given was if you see something you like and can't stop thinking about it, then get it or risk non-shoppers' regret after.

Though that technically applies even during good financial times. Lol.

On another note, I LOVE YOUR SCARF! Makes me think of lollies =)

-k said...

Okay, take stock: how will it go with your wardrobe? If it goes with at least 60% of your clothes, then yeah, sure, cause you know you'll wear it often. The cost-per-wear ratio will work out in your favour.

IF however it doesn't go with anything and it's just going to be a museum piece - pretty to look but hands-unfriendly - then no. I think the brand factor doesn't count. If it's gorgeous and made of a really great classic cut, why the hell not. Cost-per-wear factor is, in my opinion, the biggest factor when trying to decide whether to buy expensive stuff. Tell us what you decide. And put pics if possible! I want to see!

On another note, Ad, you have a very similar scarf!

megan said...

the boots in your picture: i ordered them off of ebay and am waiting for them to arrive! i cant wait! it's cool to see someone else wearing them :D

megan /

eighteeneleven said...
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eighteeneleven said...

Wow, thanks for everyone's advice.

@Rach: I think I will definitely regret them if they're gone, but I'll also (probably) be mad at myself if I got them.

@Adeline: Haha. I think they were probably just trying to get people to stimulate the economy. WHY WASN'T I ELIGIBLE FOR RUDDBUCKS! I seriously would have been the best stimulator of the economy.

@K: Meh, even if I wear it like 100 times a year, which makes it around 2/3 times per week, I would still have to wear it for like 6 years to get the cost/wear down to $1. Which sounds quite insane.

But yeah, I reckon I would wear them quite often as they are flats as well... Plus, you know how often I wear tights+skirts. Haha. I'm tempted to just buy them, bring them home to wear about the house and take pictures, and return them later.

@Megan: Congrats! I think you're really going to like them. I've wanted a pair ever since I saw them online.

Adeline said...

Dang, I'm a sucker for lolly scarves!