Saturday, March 14, 2009

March Madness

While others typically find the first couple of weeks of collage relaxing, I'm usually busier, as I'm actually attending lectures and keeping up with work and my readings. Not only is this year worse as I'm overloading, I'm also needing to pull up my grades. Blah.

That's basically why I've been lazy with updates. That and the fact that the university wireless doesn't let me upload pictures, so I can only do it at home, which right now, I'm rarely at. Anyways, enough with my whining, on towards the pictures.

Thrifted jersey shirt, thrifted shorts, American Apparel leggings, Payless flats, Black&White [or White&Black] jacket

DKNY grey top, thrifted shorts, purple tights, bow-tie [a gift from Kaz], Docs

Urban Outfitters dress, thrifted trench, AA leggings, Docs

I'm also debating if I should to a travel guide-esq thing for DC, and (maybe) NYC. Thoughts?


-k said...

Chazza, you look too damn awesome! I particularly like that first shot. The contrast of the formal-looking jacket and the casual outfit is great so great!

eighteeneleven said...

What, only awesome in that first shot? I must be slipping. =P

Adeline said...

Dammit, Charm! Why do you have so many nice clothes?!

I WANT that trench coat!

eighteeneleven said...

Haha. Thanks Ad. But I'll have to give the credit of my coat to my mom. She's the one who got it for me. =)

Elaine said...

Love your jackets!!