Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Reasons for my sad teary smiley

1. I just finished Friday Night Lights season 3 and oh gosh, what a tearjerker! I am both happy because of the pitch perfect ending and sad because it might not come back for another season. I'm also conflicted because I don't know if I want it to come back. With all the major characters leaving for college, I don't see how the show can continue it's magical run. That being said, I want more Coach Taylor and Saracen and Riggins and oh gosh.. I could go on and on.

Chaz is right. I need to get out more.

March 20
Cardi: Topshop, 'I Love Sleeping' Shirt: Genki - Melbourne, Skirt: Bugis Village - Singapore, Shoes: Some shop in Singapore.

2. Over the weekend, a friend and I opened a booth at one of the bazaars and I have to say, while the experience was fun, it sure was exhausting. Think 10 hour days back to back dealing with Asians who don't share my fondness for thrifting or pre-loved wear (they're like, "COOTIES!!!!").

Bazaars are so exhausting
thank goodness for adorable puppies

Flea Market Madness
Tank top: Bonds, Dress: Sportsgirl, Thongs: Carrefour

Hence, I am le tired.

3. Once again, I forgot the password to my online banking account. This makes it the fourth time I've had to repeat the process of applying for online banking. I would write it down but I think I did already and I have no clue where I might have did it. I am a big, gigantic, humongous Rrrrr-tard.

4. I enjoy calling the whaaambulance on myself.

Would it be unbearably lame to "Oh, snap!" myself?

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eighteeneleven said...

This is how out of it I am: I didnt even notice this post, just the one above it. Face meet my good friend palm.

Three things:
A) Is that your dog? If so it's no longer a toy, but a GIANT MONSTER now. I've never coming over. =P

B) I constantly forget my online banking nonsense as well as my pins. Especially the singapore one. And the USA one. And the HSBC. Pretty much all except the one I always use. Blah.

C) Genki is closing down, and selling their I <3 Something shirts for $30 (i think). Do you want me to get some for you?