Sunday, February 22, 2009

So, what exactly is a "female salebait" anyway?

Right at the start when I first started experimenting with style and dressing, Fops and Dandies was one of the few blogs that really struck a chord with my befuddled, and still ongoing, state of mind. Lauren and her cohorts (although how infrequently they spoke) opened my eyes up to the possibilities that could happen with an open mind and a tenacity for thinking outside the box. The emphasis of that blog was the journey of documenting one's personal style and rare was there mention of high end fashion brands besides the usual 'lust list' items. While I have to admit that looking at pictures of haute couture fashion week runways are pleasing to the eye, they don't quite have that same relatability factor that Fops and Dandies did. Lauren was amazing at coming up with outfits that consisted of things that you'd never think to use. I wish I saved that picture where she used a equestrian ribbon medal as an accessory. It was brilliant. And stylish. And so so ridiculously cool. Which I always imagined Lauren the kind of person to be.

Anyway, the term 'female salebait' was one she used in a post to refer to her tendency to be attracted to shops with sales and discounts. I thought it was a rather ingenious way to describe the type of person I am as well as a pretty damn neat phrase so I 'borrowed' it for the URL of this blog. To cut a long story short, I suppose 'female salebait' is an homage to a beloved-now-defunct blog and my strict shopping habit of not paying full retail price for anything.

For close to a year now, I've curtailed my shopping habits only to items that were on discount and/or cheap. It meant waiting for clothes to go on sale, racking up hours on eBay and selling blogs as well as plenty of thrifting. Which don't get me wrong, I've thoroughly enjoyed but there have been a few items that got away. Like a person, the could-have-beens of the fashion world are equally missed and lamented over. I want to say that I did it out of a need to save our world by re-using and not wasting like that one guy did in his book, but mostly it was the perks and irrepressible thrill that came with getting away with an awesome score. Seriously, the high that you get from a good bargain - 'tis an addictive one.

So that, my friends, hopefully explains the reason behind the URL of this blog. And I hope that it gives you an insight into Chaz's and my mindframe when it comes to shopping. The both of us are admittedly 'cheap' when it comes to spending habits and thrifting seems to be the best option in fitting with out philosophy. While I may have come up with the URL, Chaz came up with the name. Oh yeah, we ride that avoid-original-retail-price wavelength together.

All that being said, I kind of broke that rule during my little trip while visiting Chaz in Singapore. It felt weird paying full price but I say in the face of something unique and decently-priced pretty, the rules could be bent a little.

1. Bird necklace from some shop in Haji Lane - the unique
I still hate birds
My favourite couch
Vest: Mum's, Shirt: Topman, Skirt: Valleygirl, Shoes: Docs, Necklace: Haji Lane, Singapore

2. Skirt from Bugis Village - the decently priced pretty
Would you hire me?
Hire me, please!
Blazer: Sisley, Shirt: Topman, Skirt: Bugis Village, Shoes: Topshop, Bag: Thrifted

And well, know you now something else about me. Apart from being a bargain-hunter, I repeat outfits a lot, and sometimes wear things a couple of times before I wash them. Oh boy, that's more than enough sharing for today, me thinks!

By the way, if you haven't heard, Lauren recently did a guest post over here. Go see what she's been up to since leaving New York for further education in Chicago!


Mrs.Zeus said...

I love your Docs!
and yes, "female salebait" I do think it applies to many girls... including myself. Although I try not to spend as much most esp for the past months since Im back to school.
Have you seen "The confessions of the shopaholic" yet?

EternalJade said...

I completely agree with your philosophy, and I think it also applies to me. I don't like spending too much on clothes, especially if a lot of people will have the same item. However, something unique and decently-priced pretty, as you say, would be worth the exception.

-k said...

Mrs.Zeus: You're back in school now? Wow! How are you enjoying it? And nope. I haven't seen the movie although I want to! I have read the book but me thinks Becky Bloomwood's shopping problems will be best translated on screen where we can drool over her colourful wardrobe.

EternalJade: Taking into consideration the economy at the moment it seems 'recessionista' is the it word of the moment. But oh, how I wished Topshop was cheaper!

Ziling said...

I love your docs!