Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Clutch this! (grabs at anatomy I don't have)

And my penchant for lameness stops at the title.

As a general preference, the bags I carry on a daily basis tend to be medium/large-sized totes. The kinds that will hold your laptop, all your junk, a magazine or two and a bottle of water to boot without breaking. I rarely change them out and lug them everywhere for convenience sake. Which is a pity considering the pretty bags stored away in my closet.

Hence, I'm going to make a bigger effort to make full use of all my bags. For a day filled with a trip to the bank and other miscellaneous errands, I carried my clutch bag out. I've only used it once before for a formal occasion and I thought simply restricting it for formalities, seemed ridiculous. I must say it was a nice change not having to rifle through a bag of junk to get the item that I want.

Clutch bag on a weekday?
Clutch bag on a weekday?
Shirt: Hilfiger (thrifted), Shorts: Just Jeans, Bag: Thrifted, Flower pin: Sportsgirl

That being said, I felt rather empty without my bottle of water. And having one hand unavailable was a rather bizarre experience as well. Afterall, with one hand on the bag and the other on the phone, how exactly do you get doorknobs to turn?!


Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh my! you just totally inspired me to get the full use of my purses stored somewhere at home too :P
It is true tho, I love huge purses too where I can just put everything.

I love that clutch, the size and all is just perfect!

eighteeneleven said...

We may not dress alike, but we sure have the same outlook on bags. Haha. My poor leather bag is beat up as heck from all my (mis)use.

Though this bag is tres pretty. However, I kind of worry about just leaving it somewhere and forgetting about it.

PS> The door opening thing will test if people still have manners, and will hold the door open for you. =P

megan said...

I always have to carry a giant bag that will fit everything I own, 'just in case'!

megan / http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

-k said...

Mrs.Zeus: Wow. That's such a compliment. Huge purses are definitely the shiznit. But we should let the little-r bags have their time in the sun too!

eighteeneleven: LOL, we share the same brain. Or you need to get out of mine! And heh.. I think I went around using my shoulders to push upon doors a lot.

megan: Me too! It's like, "Impending apocalypse? Oh yeah, got that covered." Making the change in bags have been a test of my survival skills!