Thursday, February 5, 2009

2 things you should know about me on the 2nd of February

1. Chaz brings the class component in this friendship. Observe here.

2. Even though I may have turned a year older, I'll always be 16 at heart.

I am a hero of the guitar sort

Just chillin'

So what? I'm still a rockstar!
Top: Cotton On (gift from sister), Brooches: Thrifted, Bangles: Thrifted and gifts, Jeans: Topshop

Is it no small coincidence that for the past week P!nk's anthem to the rebellious and carefree, "So What", have been stuck in my head?

na na na na na.


Karla said...

Is the belt part of the top?? It is really cute. I also love your thrifted items. Yay for thrift stores!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Oh my goodness!!! You look so CUTE!

Adeline said...

Guitar Hero?!


*it's kindda sad that I'm commenting on Guitar Hero when I should so obviously be commenting on the clothes*

yiqin; said...

You look so adorable & cool wit that guitar!

-k said...

Karla: Thanks! The belt is actually from another dress but I like pairing it with other stuff instead. Thrift stores are definitely so much fun. Twice the work, but the effort and triumph that comes with finding something awesome makes it totally worth it!

Mrs.Zeus: Thank you, madame!

Adeline: Oh yeah, you know it! If GH skills actually mattered in real life, I'd be a sweet ass guitar player. Teehee!

yiqin;: LOL. Thank you! I take being a hero with the guitar very seriously. :D

EternalJade said...

You're adorable. Love the outfit, especially the belt. :)

-k said...

I'm not really adorable, but I'm good at acting the part. :D Thanks!