Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quickie.

This is one of my many new pairs of shoes. I <3 it so much. Hee. About a year ago, I was neither a bag or a shoes girl, but now, despite my continued obsession with Chanel Classic Flap and MJ Stam bags, I am definitely a shoe girl. I mostly carry the same bag around anyways.

Thrifted black shirt, thrifted pinafore, black tights, Sportsgirl plum thigh high socks, Nine West booties, mini hat (an Xmas gift from the Samster)


-k said...

Dude, you finally see the light. Shoes are the best accessory man. And those are pretty bitching. Kinda like a non-ugly version of the Marc Jacobs one you wanted.

megan said...

Boots! So hawt.

megan /

yiqin; said...

Mmhmm Nine west has such great shoes! Looking hot! Love the tights ;)

eighteeneleven said...

Thanks all for comments on my shoes. I love them as well. Haha. =)

K: You know, even if I have these now, I still think about the MJs that got away. I coulda have this style of shoes about 6months ago.