Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy CNY to you!

To give a little background into this event commonly known as CNY (Chinese New Year), I'm going to expand on its significance and explain a little about what it means from my point of view.

Also, I'm currently jobless, not schooling and whiling away time. So yeah, I've got heaps of time to spare.


CNY, as mentioned before, is a 15 day event celebrated by Chinese all over the world. It is celebrated to mark the start of a new year according to the Chinese calendar. Fireworks are kept to a minimal, as the real main focus of the day is on family and cherishing as well as nurturing familial bonds. As a family-oriented person, the day holds great meaning to me. The relatives I rarely get to see are greeted in mutual embrace when we meet again and the chatter flows throughout the house, conversations a messy labyrinth of spoken words. It's the perfect example of 'blood over water' as petty differences and fights are settled in the dust of the loving environment. Plus, hong baos, or red packets with money in them, which are traditionally given for, well, I forget why, but the main point is money = always good in my books.

Apart from the emphasis on family, there are loads of visiting friends and as is the case with most festivals, bountiful consumption of the lets-watch-the-needle-on-the-weighing-scale-creep-past-normality-and-freak-out-later kind. It's a great time and usually one of my favourite times of the year. As much as I usually enjoy travelling, being home for a change is nice. Soaking up the awesomeness is much fun, and there are 11 days before it's officially over.

Check out mah old new bag.
White top: Handmade attempt at the PP spine tee, Black tank: Hand me down, Shorts: Valleygirl, Vintage camera bag: Thrifted.

Shades of yellow
Dress: Thrifted Sportsgirl, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Far East Plaza in Singapore

Those are not my outfits for CNY by the way. Besides the fact that my dad would flip his lid if I wore his old cut up tank for the day, I was too caught up in the festivities to spare a moment for pictures. A mark of a great celebration, I would say!

Note: Asians are vicious. They'll eat anything and everything, as I'm sure this little pig would attest to if he had the other half of his face back. And that battered fish too.

Asians are so vicious