Thursday, January 29, 2009

Absolutely Craftless.

First up, I just want to thank everyone for their sweet comments yesterday. Although Ifeellikeafattyitis can be a debilitating disease, it usually passes, and when it does, my funk will go with it as well. In the meantime, lets talk about some of my recent purchases.

As mentioned I've been seeking out thriftstores and the like, and I have to say, two of my favourite buys were from last week. Though they may not be flea market cheap, but rather more of a heavily discounted sales item, I was quite excited when I chanced upon them. This was the first.

I had spied a tags-still-attached Betsey Johnson dress while browsing in a consignment store. Orginial price: $400, and they were selling it for $100+. It was definitely still a little rich for my blood, but since I was already trying things on, I figured there was no harm with one more. Oh how easily I fall for my own lies.

Now, for the longest time I've been wanting a ridiculously over-the-top, candy coloured Betsey Johnson dress, but most were just too expensive. Even my dear friend Ebay couldn't come through for me. So when this dress fit, I knew I was in trouble.

While the shopaholic in me desperately wanted this dress, the thriftster just couldn't allow it. So a deal was struck. Despite the fact that tags were still attached, the dress was definitely old as there were some worn out spots and loose threads on it. I told myself that if they would give me a good enough discount, I'll get it. After talking to sale associate about the flaws of this dress, she went to speak with her manager, who ended up giving it to me half off, which, after tax, came up to less than $60. Woot! It definitely pays to be nice to your SA, people!

Trust me when I say that it looks much better on me than off. I'm not typically a fan of bubble hems, but this one strangely didn't make my legs look weird. Also, it's more of a lighter burgundy colour instead of what is shown.

But like I said, there was still a little fixing up I had to do, and the first thing I did was to remove the dated bow. Thankfully, it was easily done with a small pair of scissors, and me squinting over the fabric. I had to tie up a couple of loose strings as well, but again, that was no biggie.

Much better, don't you think?

My major problem was the straps, which from the above picture, you can see that the velvet from two spots on it has worn off. If I could, I would wear it strapless, but unfortunately, some of my fats had decided to migrate south and reside in my bum instead, which made the bodice a tad too loose. So far, I still have no real clue as to how I could fix this. I was thinking maybe I could just buy some velvet, and cut out two long pieces to swap out the straps with.

Any other ideas?


-k said...

Maybe replace the straps with a different fabric? Or alter the bodice to make it work as a strapless dress, which I think may be nicer? The contrast of bare shoulders and a bubble hem is always great in my opinion. Tell us what you decide to do!

Dee. said...
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eighteeneleven said...

I bought some velvet trim from a fabric store here in NYC, but the genius that I am, I forgot to bring the actual ones I have along, so now I'm not too sure if the colours match up.

Yeah, I might alter it, but I dont know. We shall see... Cause I already have a couple of things to alter in Singapore, and not much time to do so.