Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy CNY to you!

To give a little background into this event commonly known as CNY (Chinese New Year), I'm going to expand on its significance and explain a little about what it means from my point of view.

Also, I'm currently jobless, not schooling and whiling away time. So yeah, I've got heaps of time to spare.


CNY, as mentioned before, is a 15 day event celebrated by Chinese all over the world. It is celebrated to mark the start of a new year according to the Chinese calendar. Fireworks are kept to a minimal, as the real main focus of the day is on family and cherishing as well as nurturing familial bonds. As a family-oriented person, the day holds great meaning to me. The relatives I rarely get to see are greeted in mutual embrace when we meet again and the chatter flows throughout the house, conversations a messy labyrinth of spoken words. It's the perfect example of 'blood over water' as petty differences and fights are settled in the dust of the loving environment. Plus, hong baos, or red packets with money in them, which are traditionally given for, well, I forget why, but the main point is money = always good in my books.

Apart from the emphasis on family, there are loads of visiting friends and as is the case with most festivals, bountiful consumption of the lets-watch-the-needle-on-the-weighing-scale-creep-past-normality-and-freak-out-later kind. It's a great time and usually one of my favourite times of the year. As much as I usually enjoy travelling, being home for a change is nice. Soaking up the awesomeness is much fun, and there are 11 days before it's officially over.

Check out mah old new bag.
White top: Handmade attempt at the PP spine tee, Black tank: Hand me down, Shorts: Valleygirl, Vintage camera bag: Thrifted.

Shades of yellow
Dress: Thrifted Sportsgirl, Belt: Thrifted, Shoes: Far East Plaza in Singapore

Those are not my outfits for CNY by the way. Besides the fact that my dad would flip his lid if I wore his old cut up tank for the day, I was too caught up in the festivities to spare a moment for pictures. A mark of a great celebration, I would say!

Note: Asians are vicious. They'll eat anything and everything, as I'm sure this little pig would attest to if he had the other half of his face back. And that battered fish too.

Asians are so vicious

Absolutely Craftless.

First up, I just want to thank everyone for their sweet comments yesterday. Although Ifeellikeafattyitis can be a debilitating disease, it usually passes, and when it does, my funk will go with it as well. In the meantime, lets talk about some of my recent purchases.

As mentioned I've been seeking out thriftstores and the like, and I have to say, two of my favourite buys were from last week. Though they may not be flea market cheap, but rather more of a heavily discounted sales item, I was quite excited when I chanced upon them. This was the first.

I had spied a tags-still-attached Betsey Johnson dress while browsing in a consignment store. Orginial price: $400, and they were selling it for $100+. It was definitely still a little rich for my blood, but since I was already trying things on, I figured there was no harm with one more. Oh how easily I fall for my own lies.

Now, for the longest time I've been wanting a ridiculously over-the-top, candy coloured Betsey Johnson dress, but most were just too expensive. Even my dear friend Ebay couldn't come through for me. So when this dress fit, I knew I was in trouble.

While the shopaholic in me desperately wanted this dress, the thriftster just couldn't allow it. So a deal was struck. Despite the fact that tags were still attached, the dress was definitely old as there were some worn out spots and loose threads on it. I told myself that if they would give me a good enough discount, I'll get it. After talking to sale associate about the flaws of this dress, she went to speak with her manager, who ended up giving it to me half off, which, after tax, came up to less than $60. Woot! It definitely pays to be nice to your SA, people!

Trust me when I say that it looks much better on me than off. I'm not typically a fan of bubble hems, but this one strangely didn't make my legs look weird. Also, it's more of a lighter burgundy colour instead of what is shown.

But like I said, there was still a little fixing up I had to do, and the first thing I did was to remove the dated bow. Thankfully, it was easily done with a small pair of scissors, and me squinting over the fabric. I had to tie up a couple of loose strings as well, but again, that was no biggie.

Much better, don't you think?

My major problem was the straps, which from the above picture, you can see that the velvet from two spots on it has worn off. If I could, I would wear it strapless, but unfortunately, some of my fats had decided to migrate south and reside in my bum instead, which made the bodice a tad too loose. So far, I still have no real clue as to how I could fix this. I was thinking maybe I could just buy some velvet, and cut out two long pieces to swap out the straps with.

Any other ideas?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red, Blue and Purple

This past week, I've mostly visiting bakeries and thriftstores. I planned on going to a couple more today, but due to the snow, I stayed in and snuggled in bed instead. I cannot believe that my time here is almost over. It went by so fast. Pretty soon I'll be back in Singapore, and then it's off to Melbourne for my final year in college.

So, before I leave, probably next week, I'll be heading over to NYC again to do some last minute eating and sightseeing. At least, that's the plan. I still have to book my hostels and what not. Also, I think I will have to stop shopping not only due to a severe lack of luggage space, but for my poor [literally and figuratively] bank account's sake.

Sorry for the extremely bad pictures, but these were all taken while I was trying on clothes in stores. I can't seem to work up the cohones to ask someone to take my picture for me. Oh well. In addition, I've been suffering from a bad case of ifeellikeafatty-itis. Blah. I'm hopeful that I'll get better soon.

Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan dress from UO, thrifted white scarf, blue tights, Dr Marten boots, UO beanie, leather jacket, rings from etsy

DKNY wool top, thrifted skirt, thrifted belt, purple tights, M)phosis wrap as a scarf, Dr Marten boots, sample sale earrings

Thrifted turtleneck, Wayne Cooper skirt, red tights, striped knee highs, Dr Martens, thrifted necklace

Friday, January 23, 2009

A bathroom obsession?

What lurks round these bends

What lurks round these bends
Dress: Thrifted, Bag: Thrifted, Shoes: Some shop in Malaysia.

A bathroom obsession?

Shirt: Thrifted, Shorts: Valley Girl, Shoes: Vans

Or simply a convenient place for picture taking?

With the impending Lunar New Year coming up, I have been busy with getting my errands done. The day before was spent helping mum shop for goodies, yesterday was clothes alteration day and today will be clean up room day - once I can tear myself away from the Internet that is. To the uninformed, Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year in my parts, is a 15 day celebration that's like Christmas, Hanukkah, a trip to Universal Studios and your birthday rolled in one. I think it's been a few years since I've been home to celebrate it properly so I'm looking forward to the festivities.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Go To The Mall.

With a predicted wind chill of -12 C (15F) and a slight chance of flurries, I'm not taking any chances when it comes to dressing up tomorrow. Especially if I'm going to be standing outside for a good 4+ hours.

I'm talking about Inauguration mania of course.

Tomorrow's swearing in ceremony will mark the beginning of Obama's term in office, and after much waffling, I've decided that I'm going to be one of the millions of people braving the insanity in DC tomorrow. So yeah, I think this will be the most layers I've ever worn, EVER, in my life. What makes tomorrow different is the long period of time I will be standing outside. Brrr.

From top to bottom: Thin tank top, Black thermal, Blue wool top, Grey wool cardigen, Black hoodie

And I'll probably wear my trusty leather jacket as well. For my bottom, I'll be wearing black tights with leggings, knee high socks and finally my jeans. I don't know if I'm going to be able to squeeze all that under my jeans, as I'm pretty sure I've put on a couple of pounds since getting here, but I'm going to try. Haha.

Wish me luck guys, and for anyone else who's planning to trek down to the Mall tomorrow, layer up and stay warm!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello from the ranks of the unemployed!

This was one of outfits I wore on one of the last few days as an intern. As I am now contributing to the unemployment statistic, I fully expect to lounge around in my pyjamas all day, doing absolutely nothing and feeling fan-friggin'-tastic about it.

It's bbbbbblue! (and red)
Cardigan: Topshop, Dress: Thrifted, Belt: Mum's, Shoes: Some shop in Malaysia.

That is all.

End broadcast.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess What I Bought From NOLA?

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm still recovering from my trip to New Orleans, and saving up my energy for the inauguration next week. But I promise a proper actual post will appear by the weekend. =)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hello From NOLA.

I meant to finish this post last night, but as usual, the allure of procrastination was too great for me to resist. Anywho, better late than never, eh? I'm currently in NO til Monday, so keep you fingers crossed for me that it will not rain tomorrow and that I don't get mugged or something. =) Where else do you guys think I should visit?

Thrifted pinafore, American Eagle top, M)phosis wrap, UO hat, purple tights, Sportgirls thigh highs, Dr Marten boots

Even though this picture was taken a while back, from NYC, I'm basically wearing the same thing today. This outfit has become my default flying ensemble. At least for this trip anyways. If it's cold, I can just roll down the sleeves, and throw on a jacket. Not only that, but more importantly, it's really soft and comfy, perfect for long plane rides. Plus, it's easily dressed up or down.

Thrfited plaid top, Zara jeans, Docs, Katmandu thermal top (only this morning on my way to the airport)

PS> Holy crap, it's hot in here!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One skirt, two outfits

One of the household chore I hate most apart from anything related to the kitchen is the laundry. It is my (deluded) dream someday to own 366 pieces of underwear so that I never need do a load of laundry ever again. It's not so much the process of throwing things in, more so the folding required after. Yeah, I'm a bum. Which is why I rewear clothes until they start getting a bit funky. Don't judge. I'm just one very lazy person.

Top: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Vans

Top: Thrifted Benetton, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden

Maybe that's why my favourite piece of item to buy are shoes. You don't ever need to wash them. Until the mould sets in that is.

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quickie.

This is one of my many new pairs of shoes. I <3 it so much. Hee. About a year ago, I was neither a bag or a shoes girl, but now, despite my continued obsession with Chanel Classic Flap and MJ Stam bags, I am definitely a shoe girl. I mostly carry the same bag around anyways.

Thrifted black shirt, thrifted pinafore, black tights, Sportsgirl plum thigh high socks, Nine West booties, mini hat (an Xmas gift from the Samster)

It's a new year already?

Well, really, who cares.

I'm with Chaz on her views about new year celebrations. It isn't really all that it's cracked up to be. A whole bunch of people throng to a common spot to make loud noises about the impending new year? I'm more of a private celebrations kinda gal. I spent mine this year playing poker with the family and ultimately coming in in second place. Perhaps it's not really all that cool but as long as I'm with loved ones, everyday is like a celebration in itself.

Oh gosh, pass the corn please.

T-shirt: Threadless, Overalls dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Wittner

Dress: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Bag: Poached from grandma's wardrobe, Shoes: Topshop

Regardless of my wholly unromantic feelings regarding new year's, 2009 is a new year. The pages of this book we call Life has been turned and may this clean slate bring you everything you want to happen and wished for. Cheers!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Urban Addiction

Despite my deep and mostly unwavering love for Urban Outfitters, I really hate their inconsistencies in pricing. Not only do sale items vary between stores, their prices do as well. In addition, prices of items online can sometimes be vastly different to that of the stores.

Take for instance, this jacket. While it's currently $70 - an additional 25% + shipping online, I bought it today in stores for $19.99 + tax. Quite a huge difference.

And that's not even the only item that had a discrepancy in its price.

This tuxedo jacket is almost $30 cheaper in stores compared to the website. However, unlike the cameras online, in store lomo cameras are not on discount, and neither are the large majority of the accessories I saw. Full priced online tights are very often discounted in stores as well.

So the moral of this story is to always take a peek in various UO stores (if possible) before committing to your items online. Don't worry UO, even though I don't like having to check around for the cheapest price, I can't seem to quit you, and still spend waaaaaay too much time and money on you.

PS> Do you think I should keep the first jacket? I'm having slight buyer's remorse about it. Also, do you think I should get the second jacket?

PPS> You know you have a shopping problem when despite running out of both cash and baggage allowance for the flight home, you continue to shop like you own a private jet. Current shopping damage sits at 4 pairs of shoes, 2 jackets, 1 top, 1 dress, countless tights, a couple of hats and other accessories, and I still have 6 weeks to go.

Send help.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year

I've never really gotten the allure of new year eve/day celebrations. As a child, I never begged my parents to let me stay up to watch the countdown, there were no drunken parties and stolen kisses during my 'wayward' teenage years, and last night, I was warmly snuggled in bed long before the clock struck 12.

Hence, instead of a shiny NYE party dress, I bring you one of my last outfits from NYC. Visiting the city reminds me once again, why I would love to live there. There's always so much to explore, and things to do, and places to eat at, and shoes to buy, that there never seems to be enough time. Here's hoping I get to return within the next couple of years.

To all our readers who actually went out to celebrate while this grandmom was in bed, hope you had a great time, and that it wasn't too chilly wherever you were. Here's to another year, may it be better than 2008 was.

BCBG dress, MinkPink cardigan, leather jacket, thrifted scarf, purple tights, Dr Marten boots