Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Start Speading the News.

Two more outfits from DC and the last one is from NYC. After a couple of weeks staying with family, I took the bus into NYC, and am now staying with the Samster and friends. Although this will be my third time in New York, I still get really excited whenever I'm in the city. There's always so much to see and do that you never feel bored. So here's to a great week here. =)

Gap Product(Red) top, Urban Outfitters striped cardi, Thrifted scarf, Wayne Cooper skirt, AA leggings, Dr Marten boots, MNG cap, leather jacket

Black thrifted top, thrifted pinafore, MinkPink cardi, thrifted scarf, tights, Docs.

Gap Product(Red) top, MinkPink Cardi, Zara jeans, thrifted scarf, Docs, MNG cap, leather jacket

As you can clearly see, I'm running out of clothes to wear, so for the next couple of weeks, there's going to be some heavy rotation of these pieces.


Mrs.Zeus said...

You look amazing!
What are those tights youre wearing? Those are crazy!

yiqin; said...

Those two tone tights are so creative! Ah I am running out of things to wear too!! :(

eighteeneleven said...

Mrs Zeus: Haha, yeah, they are basically two tights that I'm wearing. I got sick of my single coloured ones. So double up allows me to keep warm and have more tights.

Yiqin: Thanks!