Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playing Catchup.

Past couple of days, I've been running myself ragged, exploring the city and just doing plenty of sightseeing in general. My idea of a holiday is to do as much as possible in whatever time you have. I'm not really one for sitting by the beach and relaxing, which is why places like NYC and Hong Kong or really, any place with plenty of sightseeing is good for me.

So here I have, for your consideration, 4 outfits from my various days out. I'm still trying to find better places for pictures. Outdoors doesn't really work as it's been raaaaaining quite a bit, and indoor pictures tends to cut out a part of my body (as you will see).

Christmas Party

Karen Miller dress (thrifted), black cape-jacket thing, Sportgirl/Urban Outfitters tights, handmade earrings, Jeffery Campbell black oxfords, elbow length leather gloves (not pictured)


Black IDS dress, long sleeved navy top, mustard Topshop tights, Dr Marten boots, MNG hat

Light blue-grey American Eagle top, MinkPink cardi, Wayne Cooper skirt, Celeste Stein tights, leather jacket, Old Navy gloves, Dr Marten boots, Billabong hat-scarf thing

Urban Outfitters navy top, BCBG dress, thrifted scarf, blue tights, Dr Marten boots

In conclusion Blogger really should have a cut function like in livejournal.