Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot and Cold.

After a week in hot and humid Singapore, your intrepid blogger has whisked herself away to Washington, DC, where the average temperature is close to 1 Celsius, and the current temperature, right now, according to is -1C (30F), BUT it feels like -7C (19F).

The masochist that I am, I'm actually quite enjoying the weather. The few exceptions are these. One, my uncle keeps his house exceedingly cold, and I dont know, to me, houses should always be cozy and warm. Two, my feet gets freezingly cold at night, despite me wearing socks, and feeling warm everywhere else.

Note to self: Get thicker socks. Also, find someplace to take pictures.

Gap Product(RED) top, Striped cardi from Urban Outfitters, leather jacket, Zara jeans, thrifted scarf, MNG hat, Docs (not pictured)

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