Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Edition.

My family was never really big on Christmas celebrations. Sure we would gather at my relatives house and have a meal, but we did that for most weekends when I was growing up, so it was really nothing special. This year, as I'm still in NYC, I celebrated the holidays with the Samster and friends. They did a lobster dinner, which we shopped for at Chinatown, and we exchanged gifts. decorated sugar cookies, and watched Wall-E. As you can see, I 'created' more two toned tights. I think I'm in love. =)

MNG cap, American Eagle magenta long-sleeved top, Urban Outfitters cardi, leather jacket, Wayne Cooper skirt, coloured tights, Dr Marten boots

I also came to the conclusion that I packed wrongly for this trip. I tried deluding myself into thinking I would wear my jeans more often as it's cold, but as it turns out, that's not the case. I should have just packed more skirts like my instincts told me to, and I won't be wearing the Wayne Cooper all the time.

Oh well, live and learn.

Today, instead of braving the post-Christmas crowds in stores, we had a stroll around Brooklyn's waterfront, and I had an overdose of sweets and chocolate. Part of me regrets it cause my tummy is kind of upset, but it was worth it. So worth it.

Katmandu thermal, thrifted pinafore, Urban Outfitters cardi, leather jacket, Celeste Stein tights, Dr Marten boots, thrifted 'etc etc etc' badge, thrifted scarf-cap.


Eleh said...

lobster dinner? sounds yummy.
and way to go with the tights!

megan said...

Cool tights! I like the shots in front of the red garage door/wall/thingy.

megan /

-k said...

Those tights are mad fun! Hey, if Snakes has no objection, get her in on outfit pictures. Or take some and send it to me. I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun. :'(

eighteeneleven said...

Eleh: I think it was... I didn't have any cause I'm a veggo.

Megan: Thanks. They are one of my current faves.

Kaz: You know she'll say no (and I can state this was absolute certainty cause she already rejected me). =(