Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hail to the dying camera

You served me well, Pentax Optio 750z. I would have given you a name if I was one for giving names to inanimate objects. I'm sorry for all the times I dropped you or tossed you carelessly into my bag. I'm sorry that I somehow lost all your screws and is currently only being held together by tape, even though I have no idea how that even happened to begin with. I'm sorry you had such a hard life. And even in your retirement, I'll still continue to milk you for every unfocused/off-lighting picture. Thanks for all the memories!

Pentax Optio 750z, you served me well.

Top: United Colours of Benetton (thrifted), Tank top: Bonds, Skirt: Valleygirl, Shoes: Docs

I don't have a very good track record with the gadgets I own. My mobile phone is held together by a rubberband, my mp3 player is scratched up something awful and as you can see, my camera is in it's last legs of existence. I think I should be thankful I don't have a car. Can you imagine the damage I'd unwittingly inflict upon it?

Today I experimented with wearing tights and boots. I wore one of my thinner tights and I have to say, with the frigid temperatures in cinemas, I was actually pretty comfortable all around. So I guess, I'd have to amend my previously mentioned 'dressing for appropriate weather' rule to allow for tights and boots while watching a double feature in the cineplex at the mall. At some point I'd like to try wearing out scarves since girls in tank tops and scarves are a dime a dozen here. Here's to future experimentation!

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Mrs.Zeus said...

Great outfit!
I love how you work the Doc with the tights! Good job!