Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside.

New note to self: Never say things like I enjoy the cold, because you will invariably jinx yourself.

The weather yesterday? A chilly -4 degrees. Brrrr. Thankfully, I spent most of the day indoors helping my aunt to run errands. Gosh darn it was cold out. Not much else to report, except that I'm going to try sightseeing today. It's supposedly warmer out, so I will not freeze to death (probably), but it currently looks real cloudy. Hopefully it won't start raining.

QBF dress, thrifted plaid shirt, Dangerfield wool jacket, Topshop tights, red and black striped socks, Dr Marten boots, Old Navy gloves, handmade red scarf, MNG hat

PS: Despite running errands yesterday, I still managed to squeeze in some shopping. *headdesk* So much for my 'save-the-shopping-til-after-Christmas' resolution.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Nice handmade scarf, you made it?
I have the same shoes- I havent go around on wearing them yet since I am not used to the weather here in Cali yet but Im so psyche on bringing them back to Seattle with me.

eighteeneleven said...

Yup, the scarf is insanely easy to make. Basically it a whole bunch of knots on fabric. Haha.

-k said...

What'd you get? You know the rule. PIX OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN. :P