Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How the Grinch came around to the idea of Christmas

Christmas should be a time for the reds, whites and greens to come forth from the abyss of our wardrobes, but I've been a mean ol' Grinch this year and decided to buck the trend by wearing the darkest colour of them all, (or non-colour, however you look at it) black:

Christmas Eve Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinner
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Some shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bag: Parcel

I wore this to a friend's Christmas Eve dinner and the fun that was had chipped away at my negativity. Good food, Guitar Hero World Tour, Cranium, secret Santa and time spent catching up with old friends is the perfect cure to turn your Christmas frown upside down.

So while Christmas Day was spent bumming around at home with my family and two dogs, Boxing Day was a return to form.

Homie G, wassup?!
Dress (worn as top): Thrifted, Shorts: Valleygirl, Belt: Reworked piece of fabric, Shoes: Charles & Keith, Bag: Poached from my grandma

Were I in Australia, Boxing Day would basically mean shopping madness. But over here, the 26th of December is non-recognised. It was in fact a working day, but that impish grin you see on my face is due to me playing hooky. Who says interns can't have a piece of the fun? :D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Edition.

My family was never really big on Christmas celebrations. Sure we would gather at my relatives house and have a meal, but we did that for most weekends when I was growing up, so it was really nothing special. This year, as I'm still in NYC, I celebrated the holidays with the Samster and friends. They did a lobster dinner, which we shopped for at Chinatown, and we exchanged gifts. decorated sugar cookies, and watched Wall-E. As you can see, I 'created' more two toned tights. I think I'm in love. =)

MNG cap, American Eagle magenta long-sleeved top, Urban Outfitters cardi, leather jacket, Wayne Cooper skirt, coloured tights, Dr Marten boots

I also came to the conclusion that I packed wrongly for this trip. I tried deluding myself into thinking I would wear my jeans more often as it's cold, but as it turns out, that's not the case. I should have just packed more skirts like my instincts told me to, and I won't be wearing the Wayne Cooper all the time.

Oh well, live and learn.

Today, instead of braving the post-Christmas crowds in stores, we had a stroll around Brooklyn's waterfront, and I had an overdose of sweets and chocolate. Part of me regrets it cause my tummy is kind of upset, but it was worth it. So worth it.

Katmandu thermal, thrifted pinafore, Urban Outfitters cardi, leather jacket, Celeste Stein tights, Dr Marten boots, thrifted 'etc etc etc' badge, thrifted scarf-cap.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Start Speading the News.

Two more outfits from DC and the last one is from NYC. After a couple of weeks staying with family, I took the bus into NYC, and am now staying with the Samster and friends. Although this will be my third time in New York, I still get really excited whenever I'm in the city. There's always so much to see and do that you never feel bored. So here's to a great week here. =)

Gap Product(Red) top, Urban Outfitters striped cardi, Thrifted scarf, Wayne Cooper skirt, AA leggings, Dr Marten boots, MNG cap, leather jacket

Black thrifted top, thrifted pinafore, MinkPink cardi, thrifted scarf, tights, Docs.

Gap Product(Red) top, MinkPink Cardi, Zara jeans, thrifted scarf, Docs, MNG cap, leather jacket

As you can clearly see, I'm running out of clothes to wear, so for the next couple of weeks, there's going to be some heavy rotation of these pieces.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hail to the dying camera

You served me well, Pentax Optio 750z. I would have given you a name if I was one for giving names to inanimate objects. I'm sorry for all the times I dropped you or tossed you carelessly into my bag. I'm sorry that I somehow lost all your screws and is currently only being held together by tape, even though I have no idea how that even happened to begin with. I'm sorry you had such a hard life. And even in your retirement, I'll still continue to milk you for every unfocused/off-lighting picture. Thanks for all the memories!

Pentax Optio 750z, you served me well.

Top: United Colours of Benetton (thrifted), Tank top: Bonds, Skirt: Valleygirl, Shoes: Docs

I don't have a very good track record with the gadgets I own. My mobile phone is held together by a rubberband, my mp3 player is scratched up something awful and as you can see, my camera is in it's last legs of existence. I think I should be thankful I don't have a car. Can you imagine the damage I'd unwittingly inflict upon it?

Today I experimented with wearing tights and boots. I wore one of my thinner tights and I have to say, with the frigid temperatures in cinemas, I was actually pretty comfortable all around. So I guess, I'd have to amend my previously mentioned 'dressing for appropriate weather' rule to allow for tights and boots while watching a double feature in the cineplex at the mall. At some point I'd like to try wearing out scarves since girls in tank tops and scarves are a dime a dozen here. Here's to future experimentation!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bitch face asshole Kaz

Mostly looks like this:

My inner asshole is showing

My inner asshole is showing #2
T-shirt: Topman, Belt: eBay, Skirt: Valleygirl, Shoes: Doc Martens

The sneer is optional.

Personally I'm of two minds about wearing boots in this hot humid Malaysian weather. The comfort factor is the main emphasis when it comes to the way I dress and sometimes I see girls wearing boots, tights and a beanie and I can't help but think, "It's Malaysia. Aren't you really, really warm?!" To be fair, I usually see these kind of girls dressed at the shopping malls, and since malls overcompensate for the hot weather by blasting out freezing A/C temperatures it can get pretty cool. Thus far, I've retired all my tights and boots. But I really do love both my Docs and having quirky colourful legs, so perhaps in time I'll get around to warping that 'dressing should always be weather appropriate' way of thought. I know I was really glad to be wearing my Docs that day. It was pouring rain for hours but my feet stayed nice and dry the whole time!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Playing Catchup.

Past couple of days, I've been running myself ragged, exploring the city and just doing plenty of sightseeing in general. My idea of a holiday is to do as much as possible in whatever time you have. I'm not really one for sitting by the beach and relaxing, which is why places like NYC and Hong Kong or really, any place with plenty of sightseeing is good for me.

So here I have, for your consideration, 4 outfits from my various days out. I'm still trying to find better places for pictures. Outdoors doesn't really work as it's been raaaaaining quite a bit, and indoor pictures tends to cut out a part of my body (as you will see).

Christmas Party

Karen Miller dress (thrifted), black cape-jacket thing, Sportgirl/Urban Outfitters tights, handmade earrings, Jeffery Campbell black oxfords, elbow length leather gloves (not pictured)


Black IDS dress, long sleeved navy top, mustard Topshop tights, Dr Marten boots, MNG hat

Light blue-grey American Eagle top, MinkPink cardi, Wayne Cooper skirt, Celeste Stein tights, leather jacket, Old Navy gloves, Dr Marten boots, Billabong hat-scarf thing

Urban Outfitters navy top, BCBG dress, thrifted scarf, blue tights, Dr Marten boots

In conclusion Blogger really should have a cut function like in livejournal.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures from theweek that was last and whoops, I'm late aren't I (Part 2)

From these pictures, you will be able to tell my favourite colour.

I felt like a Christmas tree, kinda.
Cardigan: Topshop, Dress: Thrifted, Shoes: Far East Plaza in Singapore

Red, blue and yellow
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Dress: Sportsgirl @ thrifted, Shoes: Far East Plaza in Singapore

Yes, I am that blatant about my colour preference. What's your favourite colour?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Pictures from this week Part 1

It's near the end of the week and I realize I've totally been slacking on a lot of different parts of my life, this blog being one of them. So this and the following post will be a short chronicle of 'what I wore today's. On the days I had time to take photos that is.

I really need to stop touching my face
Dress worn as top: Dangerfield, Tank top: Bonds, Jeans: Topshop, Belt: Mum's.

If I'm not mistaken that outfit was actually worn last Friday. One of the downsides of being the only girl in the office is the guys not understanding the concept of expressing oneself through personal style. I receive comments everyday on the stuff I wear (shoes especially, a favourite question of theirs being "Just how many pair of shoes do you own?!") that range from complimentary to confused. When I told them that my top was actually a dress, I'm pretty sure I just about boggled their minds nine ways from Sunday. They recovered, shrugged and went, "girls!"


Another downside? Always having to put the toilet seat down. And sometimes these guys don't exactly flush all the way through, if you know what I mean.


This was last Sunday.

Top (with altered buttons): Savers, Tank top: Hand me down, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Topshop

I'm slightly embarassed to say that those are new shoes. Again. My sister actually put me on a shoe buying ban after that 5-shoe-1-weekend blowout, but the leather brogues and I were meant to be. It was the last shoe of that style in a Topshop outlet I don't usually go to as it's not my local mall and it was in my size. The Footwear Gods totally wanted me to have them, I swear. I am merely just an instrument of destiny.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Quick Update.

This was me, yesterday.

Marnie Skilling wool top, Zara jeans, MinkPink cardi, thrifted scarf, Urban Outfitters beanie, Docs

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside.

New note to self: Never say things like I enjoy the cold, because you will invariably jinx yourself.

The weather yesterday? A chilly -4 degrees. Brrrr. Thankfully, I spent most of the day indoors helping my aunt to run errands. Gosh darn it was cold out. Not much else to report, except that I'm going to try sightseeing today. It's supposedly warmer out, so I will not freeze to death (probably), but it currently looks real cloudy. Hopefully it won't start raining.

QBF dress, thrifted plaid shirt, Dangerfield wool jacket, Topshop tights, red and black striped socks, Dr Marten boots, Old Navy gloves, handmade red scarf, MNG hat

PS: Despite running errands yesterday, I still managed to squeeze in some shopping. *headdesk* So much for my 'save-the-shopping-til-after-Christmas' resolution.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Hot and Cold.

After a week in hot and humid Singapore, your intrepid blogger has whisked herself away to Washington, DC, where the average temperature is close to 1 Celsius, and the current temperature, right now, according to weather.com is -1C (30F), BUT it feels like -7C (19F).

The masochist that I am, I'm actually quite enjoying the weather. The few exceptions are these. One, my uncle keeps his house exceedingly cold, and I dont know, to me, houses should always be cozy and warm. Two, my feet gets freezingly cold at night, despite me wearing socks, and feeling warm everywhere else.

Note to self: Get thicker socks. Also, find someplace to take pictures.

Gap Product(RED) top, Striped cardi from Urban Outfitters, leather jacket, Zara jeans, thrifted scarf, MNG hat, Docs (not pictured)


Chaz is off again. This time to the big ol' US of A. She's going to have a ball of a time since she adores the cold, and news reports inform me that the States is having their coldest winter yet.

My wanderlust can't help but kick in every time I hear of people's travel plans. There is simply so much to see and reading about the oddities and beauty of the world only serve to fan the flames of my desire. It seems like you can travel forever, but it's never going to be enough. Currently, I'm exploring the backyards of this side of my world. But someday I'd love to travel to all 48 states of the US (Alaska and Hawaii are kind of hard to get to not being on the mainland). In this dream, I'd get around by Greyhound, drink pop in Chicago, fall in love with the 'gators in Florida, stand wide eyed and awed in New York, be endlessly charmed by the South, surf the beaches of California, find a Matt Saracen/Tim Riggins hybrid in Texas, go thrifting in the Midwest and take a million Polaroids of every crazy random happenstance moments. Until that day happens I'll keep listening to tales from well-traveled folks, which I'm sure Chaz will have no lack of.

Last Thursday's Outfit

Steve Madden shoes
Top: Dorothy Perkins, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden, Bag: Pull and Bear

Hell, Stjørdal, Norway

Friday, December 5, 2008

Just like a Circus.

A big thank you to Kaz for manning the ship while I get my act together. The genius that I am means that while I'm prepared for USA winter, I completely forgot to pack for the heat in Singapore.

So, I've mostly been living out of my mom's wardrobe (much to her chagrin, since I have a tendency to smuggle out what I like), or wearing clothes that have not seen the light of day for a couple of years. Today, it was the latter.

Brown MNG top, black zip off convertible travel pants, Docs, new leather bag from my mom (!!!)

PS> I have no idea what is up with the colours. I tried to fix it in photoshop, but it just made it worse. Woe.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Me + sewing machine + polyester fabric = fail

Over the weekend while I was down with the flu, I went a wee bit overboard with my mother's sewing machine and altered up a storm. Perhaps it was a bit ambitious using the machine without any prior knowledge to alter the first garment that so happens to be made from soft polyester silk. The result, as the Interwebs would say, is utter fail.

Uneven hem

Dress: Thrifted, Belt: Hand me down/Mum's, Shoes: Far East Plaza.

The hem is ridiculously uneven - short in front, longer behind and not straight on all sides. You can see it slightly from the front, but it's very obvious from the side. I am a big fan of improvising, but in retrospect I really should have taken my mum's advice and not quite 'bang and do' the alteration. She's been smirking all day, an "I told you so" just waiting to pop out at any second. I like to think I'm pioneering a new trend - the uneven hem. But really, I'm much too lazy to unpick the seams and redo everything.

Thankfully this was the only garment that came out wonky. Everything else actually came out better than I expected. Also, let me, the village r-tard marvel at how much faster alterations are done when using a machine. Like, whoa!