Saturday, November 22, 2008

We interrupt your regular programming...

In honour of Chaz turning ___, I thought it would a nice way to celebrate her birthday by turning the spotlight on her. So through hardship and dog-gone perseverence (the Internet ate a couple of our emails), here's 'Kaz, on Chaz'. Now, without the value-added porn implications!

Okay, are you ready to rumble?
Psst! Do I have to be all formal about it?

Absolutely not. FYI, the interview session has already started. Teehee! So tell us, Chaz,
why are you an international (wo)man of mystery? Five bucks if you guess the quote right
without resorting to Google!
Dude, Austin Powers. Are you trying to insult me or something? =P Anyways. I don't think I'm
"an international women of mystery". What makes you say that? Also, I'm collecting on
that 5 bucks when you come visit.

Well, you're all mysterious-like with the sunnies in every picture being all stylish and really, really, ridculously good looking. Talk me through about how you put your outfits together. The end results are always so chic!
ZOOLANDER! (do I get another $5??)


My thought process for outfits typically goes something like this:
Step 1: Check weather
Step 2: Pick a 'main' piece that I want to wear, and just built around it.
After which, depending on my mood, I might start piling on more and more accessories, or just leave it as it is. Having said that, it also depends on what I'm doing that day, and who I'm going out with. Of course, I also have my lazy-days-comfort-dressing, which I've talked about. Or on some days, I'll just pick a theme (or look) that I want to portray. Dirty hipster = Plaid shirt + AA leggings + Docs + heaps of jewelery. Preppy = Collared shirts + Blazer + skirt + tights + flats + minimal accessories.

It's a mixture of the weather + mood + activity + (presence/absence of) shiny new purchases.

So yeah, basically all this rambling is to say that I don't really know how I get dressed.

If you didn't spot that reference, I would have taken the previous $5 bucks right back! You mentioned themes/looks that you want to portray. Would you say you have one typical look? If so, what is it? If not, which would you say is your favourite look?

[Insert interlude where miscommunication happened due to the Internet eating emails and lots of 'dude, you totally snobbed me off, nuh uh, you did' shenanigans]

I don't really think I have a particular look, but then again, I'm terrible when I have to tell people what I dress like. I think other people can probably give a better description of my 'look', if that makes sense. It's like emo kids not believing they dress emo-ly while everyone else around them recognizes it for what it is. But if I really had to choose, I would say, right now, I'm leaning towards a 'ladylike' look. Somewhat Blair-esque (I cannot believe I just used a fictional character's name as an adjective), but more 50s-ish. Poofy dresses, narrow waist and all that. The outfits that come to mind are the one I wore on my birthday, the fairy princess, and the one with the white jacket.

Blair, like Tony? (insert crickets sound and one nervous laughter) So besides one Miss Blair Waldorf, are there any other people fictional or otherwise, that you usually draw inspiration from?
Not really, but I do read a whole bunch of blogs, fashion or otherwise, and I typically save pictures of things that inspire me. That includes items I'm lusting over, ideas on how to wear something, and people who just naturally have It.

And now to wrap this up, insert one word answers to these 5 questions:
1. Who is your favourite Kate?
Winslet [but I'm pretty meh on the whole bunch of them, and the first one which popped into my head was Moss. I couldn't think of any other for the longest time...]

2. Why doesn't Donald Duck wear pants?
"The monkey's the only cookie animal that gets to wear clothes, you know that? "
"So I'm wonderin', do the other cookie animals feel sorta ripped? Like is the hippo goin', "Hey man, where are my pants? I have my hippo dignity." And, you know, the monkey's just, "I mock you with my monkey pants!" And then there's a coup in the zoo."

3. Why do you not follow instructions?! One word, helllllllllllo!

4. Are you aware the words 'exhibitionist', 'freedom' or a 'dunno' could have fit right well with question number 2?
Proper sentence structure is important to me, okay?? I would said, 'Don't know', or 'For the freedom' or 'He's an exhibitionist' =P

5. Ugh. Who is made of fail now? (Clue: It's not me)
Que? I think we know who's made of fail! =P


samsqtch said...


You guys are hilarious.. I would lost 5 bucks because my memory's sad so I applaud Charm's mad skillz (with a backwards "z" if only I knew how).

eighteeneleven said...

Seriously. I want to say that I'm typically not like that, and that the interviewer spiked my drink, yeah, urm, and she also took everything out of context.

She's out to destroy me!


God I'm such a doofus.

-k said...

You said it best, Chaz. ;)