Friday, November 21, 2008

Traffic lights

Red means stop.

Lazy weekend
Dress worn as top: eBay, Belt: My mum's, Shorts: Jeans West, Shoes: Charles & Keith

And green means go.

Odd colour combos
Top: Vintage - thrifted, Skirt: Miss Shop @ Savers, Shoes: Far East Plaza.

Well, it's supposed to at least. In Malaysia, red is more stop-if-you-feel-like-it than an actual STOP. Yellow apparently means speed up and drive like your life depended on it. Even if you're 100 metres away from the traffic light.


eighteeneleven said...

Loves them both, but I want to see MOAR of your new shoes. =)

Eleh said...

hahahaha! i love your blog entry.
in singapore, green lights for pedestrain means go for cars. annoying. oh. you look fab sweet.

samsqtch said...

You pretty, model-esque woman! Love the first shot! Agree with Charm- moreeeeee, sir? I mean.. madam.

Mrs.Zeus said...

YOU look totally cute on both.
I love the tops!

Mrs.Zeus said...

I had been writing journals since I was in grade school. I lost some of them from moving around but it is really funny reading back on those years, to see how much imporvement life has been.