Monday, November 17, 2008

Running on borrowed time

This was last Friday's outfit.

Last friday's outfit

Now with added adorable furry little bear-like creature (no, not an Ewok).

Last friday's outfit + cute furry bearlike dog
Dress: Sportsgirl (thrifted), Tank top: Bonds, Shoes: Converse, Ewok wanna-be: Teddy! (cause we're original about names like this)

When I have more time I will crow about my 5-pair-of-shoes-bought-over-this-weekend-away-OMG-no-regrets-they-are-so-pwetty! awesome purchase.


yiqin; said...

Those shoes goes so well wit the dress! :)

eighteeneleven said...

Dude, I just noticed something... Your doors are insanely tall. Either that or you've shrunk. =P

-k said...

Yiqin: Thanks! I'm quite a fan of Chucks and am looking out for two different kinds (like I need more shoes!)

eighteeneleven: Well, excuse you. We have high ceilings! -_-

Marina said...

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Marina (from France)

eighteeneleven said...

NO, I LOVE the high ceilings. I just live in a sad apartment with regular sized doors.

Also, I have to admit the dog is kind of cute. Why not call it Ewok?

samsqtch said...

I LOVE YOUR DOG! Come snuggle, little fuzzball.. Aww.. Wookie wookie woo.. I mean, ewok. So cuteeee.. =D =D