Sunday, November 30, 2008

A long weekend

Friday was a off day from work because I had no voice, whooping cough, bleeding nose and an achey back. After sleeping for 14 hours, I am sort of better, though the cough remains. I rarely fall sick and have come to realize that I hate being fawned over both in sickness and good health. All I need is to be curled up under covers with lots of time to sleep and a book or two to read and I'm as happy as can be.

Unfortunately, the sickness exacerbates my morning grouchiness. On usual days, it takes about half an hour to an hour for my brain to warm up and pleasantness to kick in. My poor mum and sister has have to put up with what I've come to term 'grump face moody ass Kaz' these past two days. Seriously, I'll out-bitch whatever you got if forced to wake up at 8 am on the weekend. When sick.

Sleepy scene kid
T-shirt: Genki, Belt: eBay, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Dunlop Volley

90s revival.
Jacket: BUM, Top: Sportsgirl, Shorts: Just Jeans, Bag: Parcel, Shoes: Asics

It has come to my attention that my mum and sister hate my pigeon Parcel bag. Apparently I have overused it to the point where they are ready to burn it just so they never see it again. It's true. I overheard them plotting in the kitchen. So I'm putting the bag on extended vacation for now. But how will the world know I dislike pigeons? Hmm.


Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohhh... I hope you feel a lot better soon, I myself lost my voice just this week but I am actually better now.

Hide the bag, quick!

Mrs.Zeus said...

Ohh... Thanksgiving was quiet, I truly miss my fam tho' and cooking for them. Black Friday on the other hand was okay, I didnt go crazy but Im definitely going for cyber Monday!

jo* said...

hey nice shoes! the second pair. the brand logo extending into straps.

are they new?

jo ann

-k said...

Mrs Zeus: I'm not actually from the States. Although when Black Friday comes around, I totally wish I was!

jo*: Hey, Jo Ann! Yeah they're new. I got them during that crazy weekend in Singapore when I totally overloaded on shoes.

Mrs.Zeus said...

Where you from again K?
I actually held back from getting anything this year :(
There's so much deals going on that is so tempting but I managed to keep my cool and just browse. lol

Mrs.Zeus said...

OMG-I know what you mean, I feel the pain. lols
Browsing is just as fun if you actually get something most especially for such a good price compare to the original price of course. *sigh*