Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

So yeah, today was my birthday (those people who know my age, shush!), and the girls (those who were in Melbourne anyways) and I went out for a chocolate High Tea at the Langham Hotel. I was so stuffed afterwards, and I'm pretty sure the chocolate high was part of the reason why I look so happy in all these pictures.

I would also be remised if I didn't talk about my bag. I been hinting to my parents for a couple of years now that I would love a Chanel, but my dad made it clear that a student doesn't need such an expensive bag, and that I should wait until after I started work to get one. It was then that I decided if they weren't going to get me one, I'll buy it with my own money.

So I did.

That was a couple of months ago, and I had to resist carrying it until today, since it was supposed to be a birthday present to myself. The sad thing is that I don't think I can ever afford another, especially with the ridiculous 25% increase in price. TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT!! That's simply insane.

Dizingof dress, Dizingof necklace (I didn't realized until I left the house that they were both from the same place... I don't know how I feel about that.), Sportsgirl tights, Jeffery Campbell oxfords, Chanel 2.55

How was your day?

ETA: Because Kaz kept insisting on more pictures, here a close up I just took. I simply adore the colours on this dress.


samsqtch said...

My day was fantastic, thank you. And I love the pictures (hey, seeing them on the computer makes a difference!). So pretttyyyy.. You, I mean. You so pretty. Grah. Shutting up now.

-k said...

Happy birthday! You really do look very gorgeous! But I still demand more pics of you and your bag. More more more. Have you not heard? More is the new less. Awesome shots, Sammy!

Mrs.Zeus said...

nice outfit! you look so pretty!!!

-k said...

I totally realize that you could have added a picture of the lovely middle section of the dress and the necklace! And the bag! That would have made 6 right there!!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look really lovely and that bag is a killer. It's so classic--worth every penny. :)

eighteeneleven said...

Aw, thank you everyone for your lovely comments. =)

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful dress!! i like how you paired it with textured tights... very chic look! =)

revel in me said...

Aaahhh my dream bag! <333

And happy belated birthday dear! :)

-k said...

Haha! I knew all that wheedling would pay off eventually!

It really is a very pretty dress, Chaz. And that middle band bit is so post-modern.