Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fairy Princess

Remember how a long while back, I bough a tutu skirt? I wasn't too sure how I wanted to wear it, just that I did, and since I'm not actually daring enough to just rock it on its own, it had to be under something, at least initially.

Today, I've finally took it out for a test drive around the city, and it was all thanks to this belt I found hidden away in the drawer. I love how the colours of both match up perfectly. Little serendipitous things like that make me so happy. Plus flowers! Without the belt, the entire outfit would have been a shapeless blob since the dress had just a very loose fitting hang. Sadly, I have no idea where it came from. Woe.

Thrifted black dress, thrifted purple tutu, purple flowers belt, black tights, Payless patent blue flats, black Anna Sui Ring


-k said...

OMG!!! So pretttyyyyyyyyyy. This is why you can have nice things. (:

yiqin; said...

OMG the tutu is purple! Sucha lovely color! Matches the belt perfectly <3

eighteeneleven said...

Aw, thanks for the comments guys, it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.