Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The difference between

A lot of friends upon entering the workforce usually tell me that I'll never have it as good ever again as I did back in uni. The lack of responsibility and micro-bubble-world-revolves-around-college that are trademarks of uni life are apparently things I will look fondly back upon with rose-tinted glasses. Now, perhaps it's a bit too early into my internship/work life to make general assumptions but I'm finding the rigours of work life to be a really interesting challenge. There is this constant time struggle between work, family and having an active social life. At some point or another, I feel I am constantly neglecting one or the other (usually the social life). But even though I do get driven crazy by the neverending task load, I do have to admit that I am really loving it. Everything changes from day to day and nothing is ever stagnant. There is so much to learn, and all the more better that they don't come from textbooks. I guess, the only thing I really miss about uni are my friends and awesome lecturers. And the whole "let's kill 8 hours on the Internet and get away with it" factor.

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Cardigan: Topshop, Dress: Valleygirl, Shoes: Dodgy shop in Malaysia


eighteeneleven said...

Aw, LOVE that second picture. So I guess this means you're not finishing uni? Like even in Monash? Or are you going to enroll for a semester next year?

-k said...

I don't know man. At this rate I'm only focusing on the short term. And thanks. Jumping pics are always fun!

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dress!
It's funny I just had a lecture here and the prof talked about how long Americans spend online...I definitely fulfilled that stereotype!