Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dance Shoes

After a day of glamour, Cinderella has to return to real life, and resume studying for her exams.

Since I couldn't think of a smooth segway to this, HERE BE MY NEW SHOES! I got them from ebay beginning of the month and they finally arrived on tuesday. I've been looking for a pair for what seems like for-freaking-ever, so you can imagine my excitement when I opened the package. Note to self: Must stop shopping, since I'm almost flat out broke.

My only problem is that they aren't used. I know it sounds silly, but I don't like breaking in new shoes, especially leather ones. I'm just impatient. Plus, worn in shoes are so much more comfortable. Which is why I guess I don't have a problem with buying secondhand shoes, unlike my mom, who is horrified by her child wearing pre-worn shoes.

Anyways, since they are relatively new, these are still really stiff in front, so when I walk, the back of the shoes sort of slips off a little. Not to mention they squeak. Loudly.

So I come to you, dear readers, for your help. Do you have some ideas for me to hasten the wearing in process? Should I just find a car and have someone roll over them? Stomp madly all over them? Sit on them? All ideas are welcomed.

Black Urban Outfitters top, Tina Kalivas for Target jacket (thrifted), Zara jeans, thrifted shoes.


Anonymous said...

my mum gets extrememly unreasonable when I start talking about the possibility of getting second hand shoes too! ;p unfortunately I don't think there's an easy way of breaking in shoes...those are a great pair that you got! =)

eighteeneleven said...

Now, I just get the shoes first, and tell her later, or like never. Haha. Yeah, I figured that there was probably no quick way of seasoning them. =(