Thursday, October 23, 2008

While you were sleeping...

Much apologies to Chaz, for leaving her with the updating duties for this long. I've always maintained that she is the better dresser among us two, and after going through previous entries on this site, I am simply left to marvel over her sartorial choices. Kudos, Chaz. No, this is not a love letter to you. Keep it in your pants, thankyouverymuch. (Also, if you were wondering, I am the cruder and more uncouth one of us two. Surprise much?)

So, where have I been exactly? I went off to Turkey for a family vacation and since returning, I've been interning at a local media company. There is no dress code at work, and I have to admit that that actually leaves me feeling rather stumped. Since I started working at 15, every job I've ever had had some sort of dress code, be it black t-shirt and jeans to an actual full uniform set. So I'm rather unsure of what to wear every morning and face the 'Is this skirt too short for work?' conundrum almost every day. It's a work in progress and in time I'll solve the dressing issues, but for now I leave you with this image of me in front of the most beautiful door I saw in Istanbul, Turkey and a really good link to an interview with Adrien Brody done by PrestigeHK magazine, found at ONTD. To pardon the obnoxious 'Net-speak and vulgarity, Adrien Brody is simply teh sex.

Picture 292

Top: Thrifted vintage Sportsgirl dress worn as shirt, Bonds tank top, Topshop jeans and Andrea Biani shoes (which I killed with mud and rain while at Turkey. Boo)