Sunday, October 26, 2008

Student Life.

As the Exam Season looms, the Student becomes more elusive, choosing to hibernate in the safety of their homes, only venturing out for food and shopping...

Anyways, in the next month or so, posts from me are going to be scarcer, as I'll be desperately trying to catch up with my studies, hopefully in time for the exam. More time will be spent at home in my comfy pjs, which means less outfit pictures from me. Anyways, I'll be counting on Kaz to pick up some of the slack during this time *ahem*, and I'll resume proper posts if I survive.

Black tank, Black shorts, Thrifted vest, Payless patent flats.

1 comment:

Eleh said...

fab fab fab vest!!! and i get what you mean. i've been cooping myself at home. exams are drawing near!