Thursday, October 23, 2008

Same Same But Different.

A variation on yesterday's outfit because I'm kind of lazy, running slightly low on sleep, and this shirt is all kinds of snuggly. =) Plus, I can re-lengthen the sleeves when it gets too cold, meaning I won't have to carry a jacket around.

Thrifted plaid shirt, Kinki Gelinki vest, Black shorts, Black tights, Dr Marten boots


revel in me said...

I swear, you get the nicest vests (I dropped a comment on your Gail Sorronda vest from Alice Euphemia too, heh)!! <3

Holly Anne said...

Cute cute cute... I wish I was wearing something warm and snuggly on this cold day.

eighteeneleven said...

Revel in Me: Thanks for all the nice comments. I love how vests look, but it takes me forevvvvvver to find ones I like. Haha.

Holly Anne: I cannot wait until the weather stabilizes. I dont like it when it gets really hot in the sunlight and cold in the breeze.