Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Another Teen Movie Involving Stepping Up and Stomping the Yard

Everyone's got a comfort outfit they always resort to when it's a Sunday and the weather is warm and you just couldn't be arsed thinking stylishly and dressing up nice. A lot of people favour jeans and a tee, or a tank top and a denim mini. This is mine:

Lazy sunday
Tank top: F.O.S, Pants: Just Jeans, Cap: Topshop, Shoes: Dunlop Volleys

I call this my 'grungy backpackers' look (the headgear is optional in most cases). It's far from glamorous or neat, but it's really comfortable and those pants bring back travel memories from countries once visited. Hence the label. Today I was informed about how much I look like a dancer reject from the teen dance movie, Step Up 2. On the one hand, that movie was a terrible, pathetic waste of celluloid film, but on the other, the dance moves were pretty damn fly. So I'm not really sure if I should feel insulted or not.

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eighteeneleven said...

I really like the colours and the pose.