Sunday, October 26, 2008

Much sympathies and love

I may no longer be a uni student, but the memories of the late night cramming, or in my case all-nighters writing sessions, is one that is not easily forgotten. The sticky taste of the caffeine boost from countless Diet Cokes downed, the frenzied energy in the air, the kaleidoscope of notes spread all over the floor.. my sympathies go out to any students currently undergoing any kind of examination. Chaz and anyone else, hang in there.. it'll be over soon enough.

In the meanwhile, I'll try not to rub it in your faces how I spend this Saturday night at a late night movie marathon session. Or how I'm making the trek out to the city tomorrow, since well, I have the time. I'll be hanging out with friends who have no studying obligations either, so that means we're free to stay out however late we want. No, I wouldn't. Cause that would be mean. Right? :P

Shake it

Everything is thrifted but the tank top (hand me down) and the shoes (Andrea Biani).

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eighteeneleven said...

Dude, that is mean. =( But to make it up, you can either update your other blog, or you know, COME VISIT US. Hee.