Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black Dress

I spend so much time of ebay that at times, I even forget when I bought something. The bad thing about that is that I have a tendency to overspend, seeing as how I don't remember spending that money in the first place, but the good part is when an unexpected package arrives.

This dress was one of the 'forgottens'. I can't believe that I ever forgot I bought it. I'm currently insanely in-puppy-love with this dress. I like all the little details in it, such as the high collar, the mesh sleeves, and the pleated skirt. Even though it isn't clear in the pictures, the skirt is wonderfully full and pleated. I spent an embarrassing amount of time, twirling round and round this morning, watching the skirt rise and fall.

Must... get... MOAR!!!

Thrifted black dress, Thrifted belt (from Camberwell), blue tights, Docs

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