Monday, September 8, 2008

Spring has Sprung.

Lunch with the Samster, a day which I would otherwise have spent lazing about at home. Even though it seemed sunny enough when I left my apartment, it started to drizzle right after lunch. Oh Melbourne in spring, I don't know how I completely forgot about your erraticness. But it was a good reminder to always always always bring an umbrella and a jacket out with me, especially in this time of the year.

%& Thrifted shirt
%& American Apparel leggings
%& Blue patent flats from Payless
%& Belt stolen off my mom


samsqtch said...

I could've been the photographer of this lovely subject but nay, sleep got in the way. Hooray, I'm rhyming today! What do you say.. hey?

-k said...

But sleep is good for the soul,
Without it, life is most foul,
And woman, you end up looking like a ghoul!

Also Chaz, I love that shirt. It almost looks like a men's shirt that's been altered for women's fit.

samsqtch said...

Agreed! Mine just looks like a men's shirt.. or a very large woman's shirt. Go me =/

The Clothes Horse said...

Very chic look. Weather is always so difficult to dress around...