Friday, September 26, 2008

Goofy is as goofy does.

I've been (affectionately) tagged (repeatedly) by my pals as a 'photo ruiner'. And by that they mean that many a snapshot has been ruined by me spazzing out and pulling a goofy ass face. In fact when I first started taking outfit shots, I wasted the first twenty or so shots cause the entire photo was unsalvagable due to an overload of spazziness. I have since been able to harness control but you can't really hide who you are for very long, as these pictures go on to show.

Don't worry?!
Tee: Threadless, Shorts: Valley Girl, Shoes: Keds

Polaroid love
Shirt: Savers (with modified buttons), Tank top: Hand me down, Skirt: Valley Girl, Shoes: Nose

It's not my fault, I say. Genetically speaking, I never stood a chance in when it came to the goof and spaz. The world must know of this sad condition. To others with this strange problem; solidarity, sisters!

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