Monday, September 29, 2008

DIY: The Pleasure Principle Spine Tee

Inspired by Childhood Flames' go at the Pleasure Principle Spine Tee, I went crazy with the scissors one sleepless night and have this to show for my efforts.

The original

The Crazy Hack Job by A Sleepless Hypersomniac

DIY: The Pleasure Principle Spine Tee

Some observations:
#1. Dad's ratty old singlet may be free but the bad fit loses much of the 'spineliness' in translation.
#2. Make holes more 'spinely looking', ie. less like a bunch of pebbles stacked up on each end.
#3. Don't forget the subtle curve to the spine.
#4. Consider doing a rib-cage cut out tee. Technically speaking, it's totally possible.


eighteeneleven said...

That is really cool. I demand you do one for me, please and thank you. =)

Adeline said...

ZOMG! I loves it! I want one too!