Sunday, September 28, 2008

The difference between

Back when this blog crossed the line from idea to reality, I explained my motivations for coming up with this site, to sort of justify why an ex-hardcore-tomboy is writing about anything regarding dressing and style. I realize now of course that my overcompensating nature was totally redundant. To put it plainly, evolution is the mother of all change, and it's with growing that there's been a change in my perspectives and views. Technically, all I ever needed to say was, "I grew up. Get with the program."

That being said, I still grapple with the aforementioned identity issues. Especially more so since I'm now back living with my parents, who never fail to remind me of kid!Karen and how adamant she was on never wearing dresses. I don't regret anything I did or said when I was a kid, but I really wish my family would quit fawning over my apparently growing 'lady-like' nature. Sure, I may wear skirts and dresses and muck around with my sewing kit now, but damn son, I put sailors to shame with my constant cussing and swearing. I am so tempted to answer the next person who says, "Oh, Karen, you're more feminine now" with a hearty "Fuck you, asshole", if not to see their chagrin then to remind them that deep down, I'm still me, and I'm not sure if my behaviour will ever doth become a lady.

Of course, I start getting analytical and ponder if my habit for cursing stems from my strange innate need to distance myself from the image of a girly-girl. Which is entirely possible given my propensity for (un)intentionally getting a rise out of others for no rhyme and reason apart from my self-amusement. Ugh. Who knows?

Dotty for polka dotsIMGP2118

Everything is thrifted except the shoes which were from a dodgy Asian shop in Chinatown and the earrings which were my mum's.


eighteeneleven said...

I think you just like to get a rise out of people. I dont know, for me, when someone comment on how different I dress now, I either say thank you, or just tell them I'm growing up.

Awesome Abby said...

THis is totally cute. I agree...dressing differently is a total compliment!