Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What has passed and what is to come

Going to concerts with mum and dad are usually a very special experience. I spend enough time probing into their past lives before they were simply known by those terms, and ask too many in-depth questions about their young aspirations, fancy daydreams and footloose free ambitions. But regardless of all the secondhand information, there never is a real opportunity to peek into the lives of who they were and know the 'real them' - except in concerts. During the event, they throw themselves into the music and become younger before my very eyes. The lines on their foreheads become shallower as they cheer and the wrinkles near the mouth disappear as they sing along (with gusto, I might add!). They share anecdotes about the songs performed, or about the performer and I listen with rapt attention as I take a glimpse at the people I formally know as 'mum and dad' but who I call 'friend and confidante', and then I take a visual picture of it all to remember forever and keep close to my heart.

But then of course, since I'm the incorrigible rascal of the family, I laugh at their exploits and make fun of their sudden 'hipness'. Groaning at the collective age of the other concert-goers, I tease and giggle while secretly enjoying the concert myself, perhaps a little bit too much mind you!

I don't know why I'm in a bathtub either!

Cardigan: Topshop, Tank top: Hand me down, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: Myers, (not pictured: my hotel slippers)


eighteeneleven said...

<3 your outfit. What concert did you go to?

-k said...

Tony Orlando, he of the 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree' fame. I want to call him a one-hit wonder but he was very entertaining and I'd feel bad. Oh, it was held at Genting, hence the tights!

Adeline said...

Someone's very happening, yo...


samsqtch said...

Hotel slippers for the high life! Genting too.. Woot. And hey, that song's awesome! Tease not, my pretty.. cackle cackle cackle.

P.S. What Charm said.