Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Think of it as Personality Dialysis

Like the lady said, I'm still trying to get my internet sorted out, so as of now, I can only post when I'm in school. Hopefully it'll be done by this week-ish.

Unlike Kaz, I only have two outfits to post. I wore the first one to watch Wicked at the Regent Theatre. To celebrate the occasion, and to let my inner geek out, I wore my Elphaba green tights. The second, was worn for dinner at a French place. My cousin seemed to like it, but I found it insanely overpriced and average. It's only saving grace were the french fries and cream brulee, especially the cream brulee... Yummy. Still over-priced though.

Dress: Thrifted; Jacket: Ink; Necklace: Dizingof; Tights: Unknown; Shoes: Pedder Red

Dress: Unknown; Cardigan: Mink Pink; Necklace thing: Twelve x Twelve; Tights: Unknown; Shoes: Topshop

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Ming said...

Oh i LOVE that cardigan! I want one!!!